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Just A Daddy’s Girl

On my way to work, I thought about being a Daddy’s Girl. Now, I grew up in a house with four other girls so I can imagine how my Dad’s nerves were lol. Personally, I was raised by one of the greatest dads around but I’m not talking about my natural father in this post..(sorry Dad. Still love ya lol.) When I talk about being a Daddy’s Girl, I am referring to my Heavenly Father, GOD. Before I was saved, I didn’t think God liked me very much. Sometimes I was afraid to walk outside because I thought God will strike me down. I mean He had a good reason? I wasn’t trying to live for Him but wanted to be hook up with a boy and just live life my own way. The craziest thing is that God was still chasing me. I could never get away from Him. I expected God to be this strict Dad that will kick me out if I didn’t live up to His perfect standards. It was the opposite of that but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have consequences. God didn’t stop my son from coming to this world or bills that resulted from that but held my hand as I started single motherhood. Like a Father, God warned me about my lifestyle and I turned my back on Him like a rebellious teenager. When I decided that my way wasn’t working, I ran back to Him and He was ecstatic to see me. A relationship with God is an authentic one. I don’t have to be like “perfect Patty” or “extraordinary Eva” but just ShuCora. I’m always learning something new about my Daddy God. I use to feel like I had to hide my shortcomings but always feel God nudging me to let go. It’s like a breathe of fresh air when I tell Him what’s on my mind. Like a Dad, He will tell me what to do.

When I wrote the poem, “Daddy’s Girl”, I believe God wanted me to speak to women who didn’t have their fathers to let them know that He can be everything a Father is to them. Also to encourage ladies like me that my mistakes doesn’t deter us from God. We are written on the palm of His hands so I know He is crazy about us. To have someone that loves you from the end of the universe and back, fight the whole world for you, and imparts great dreams to you is the greatest blessing of all. Sometimes we try hard to find these qualities in worthless boyfriends, absent fathers, and meaningless ambitions just to walk around empty then before. God is a void filler and He outdoes anything that will try to put in His place. I feel like a little girl now when I talk about God as a father ❤️❤️. I have some broken pieces in my life and I need God to make them better. I remember walking out my door and heard a whisper in my ear that said “God Loves You.” For years, I knew God loved me but had a hard time accepting it. As women, we seek for validation and acceptance in more wrong places than right ones. No matter how many times we bump our heads or how worthless we feel that God still loves us unconditionally.

As God’s daughter, I still have a certain standard to live by. If your father is a preacher or holds a high position, it tends to be expectations automatically placed on you because of who your dad is. So if your Dad is the Creator of Everything and King of Kings, then I’m expected to act like royalty. Just like the president has a secret service, I have angels sent by my Daddy God to surround me wherever I go. Sometimes the devil tries His best to knock me down but my Daddy God doesn’t play about His daughter. I wasn’t fit to live a mediocre life but my Daddy God gives me visions and dreams to live out. He rules the world and that means I’m full of greatness as well. Hey, don’t let me get started with dating because my Daddy God will only give me away to the Best. My Daddy God has nothing but great thoughts about me so who need your likes and comments 😂😂. He makes sure I have what I need and willing to hear hours and hours of my drama just for Him to turn around and make it better. Of course, He will discipline me if I need it but not to be mean. He knows what type of woman I’m meant to be so He’s going to pull out that hidden potential and unwilling to see me fall back into sin. I can go on and on about being a Daddy’s Girl because it’s wonderful to be the apple in God’s eyes. Ladies, you have true love and this true love was also willing to die for you. As we head to the weekend, think about how God is a Father to you.

If you would like to read “Daddy’s Girl”, go to my Poetry Page. Also, want to read more of my poetry, you can purchase my book “Testimonies of a Young Woman: Poetry for Your Spirit Everyday” on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Testimonies-Young-Woman-Poetry-Everyday/dp/1985322293

Have a great weekend my fellow peeps!

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