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Ode to the Mothers

This is a picture of my five year old son, Deundre. He loves to dress up and pretend to be different characters. Can’t help but to love him lol ❤️

Motherhood is definitely a gift given by God. Whether you had your child outside of wedlock, in marriage, or through adoption, God ordained for you to be a mother to that child. He never does anything haphazardly and He knows you’re worthy of taking on the responsibility with His help. So I want to celebrate all the lovely mothers out there and highlight a couple of them within this post ;).

To the single mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! I’m balancing work, school, church, a child, a household, and writing all at once and yes I fall short sometimes. Single mothers are my heart because I know the struggle and the tears that comes with it. We should never hold our heads down nor bow down to the statistics society wants to place us in. God understands our situations and everybody’s different. Thanks to God’s favor, my son has his father in his life but his father stays out of state so majority of the parenting falls on me. My son doesn’t see his father often but he still helps financially and tries to get Dre whenever he has vacation time. By God’s Grace, God has kept me as a single mother and continues to grow me as a woman. Yes, I had times when I wanted to give up, went through a crying spell because of the responsibilities placed on me, and hated to see other couples with their kids when I was walking alone with me. There are some dads that have no involvement in their children’s lives but God’s faithfulness toward you will never fall short. Don’t feel bad because you’re not married or if you get the side eye from others, you are a wonderful mom. Hey it takes guts to run a household on your own because honey, everyone is not fit for the job. Keep walking Queen!

To the married mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! My mom is a true example of this. She juggled a husband, six kids, work, church, and her household duties all at once. Now me, I will probably tell my kids to go get a bowl of cereal if I don’t feel like cooking lol but the Lord has to still work on me before my husband comes. Honestly, every household is ran differently. I appreciate the many wives out there that make the necessary sacrifices to keep their family in order. It’s a blessing that God bestow this honor of marriage and motherhood upon you and I believe He made you for this task. Keep it up, ladies, you’re incredible.

To the stepmothers, Happy Mother’s Day! I always salute any man or woman that helps take care of their spouse’s children. It takes maturity to co-parent and compassion to play the role of “Mom” when your husband’s children come over or if they live with you. It’s amazing to see the same love, respect, and concern that you give to your own children, you show to his children. I’m proud to see strong women who take on that role. Never get discouraged and love those kiddos to death. Remember children learn from their environments. You show love, they give love. You show bitterness or indifference toward them, you’re asking for monsters…

To the foster mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! It’s admirable to see another woman take on the role of motherhood. It takes a self-less person to adopt a child and pour into someone that’s not their own. I also want to speak encouragement to the birth mothers of those children. Although you may not physically have your child, it only takes a mother to give up a child so they can be placed in a better home instead of aborting them. Mothers do what’s best for the child so don’t feel sad but count it as a blessing when your son or daughter is placed in the arms of a loving woman.

To the aunt, grandma, cousin, and female role model that stands in the gap for other children as a “mother figure”, Happy Mother’s Day! I am proud to say that I’m an aunt to one cool lil boy, Nolan, and will be welcoming another niece or nephew in December. Of course, I know as aunts, we act sort of like a “mother” but it’s more like an extension of love. When you have a caring nature, you never want to see a child without love, support, and care. Unfortunately, they’re grandmas raising grandchildren after parenting their own set of kids. Aunts who take on the responsibility of motherhood because their sister is off in the streets. I salute every woman that takes on this job. I never experienced that situation but I know that any child that falls into my hands will be loved, whether it’s my son or my nephew. Every child needs a positive female and male role model in their lives so I applaud every woman that decided to be a positive influence in another child’s life.

To the crazy, cool, less than perfect, sometimes frustrated and still quite awesome moms lol, Happy Mother’s Day! Motherhood is definitely a journey filled with ups and downs. Learning to take care of another life requires all of your effort and sometimes we fall short but that doesn’t mean we are bad moms. Parenthood is a learning experience and rewarding at the same time. So we forget a sock or two, (can’t tell you how many times my son had mismatch socks on going to school lol), or we burn the casserole because we meant to take a 30 min nap which turned into two hours, or we forgot someone had practice today, etc., Hey I commend every Mom for hanging in there. The best reward is seeing your child walk in the things you taught them.

Hopefully I covered everyone lol but all of you are great moms! Beautiful queens please enjoy the rest of your day because you deserve it 😍.

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