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Queen Talk

Tonight, I wanted to do a lil chit chat with my ladies. I started on this blog a couple of months ago but decided today would be the day to post it lol.  “Queen Walking” is one of my absolute, favorite poems from my book because it’s like an anthem for women. My intention was to write something that encouraged women,young and old, to not allow their past to define them or settle for less in life. The funny thing about this poem is that I have a hard time believing it. If you like me, we can say that we are “beautiful”, “confident”, “smart”, etc. but never try to walk in that truth. God never made us to be pathetic, sad puppies walking around this Earth begging for love, peace, and joy. He made us wonderful creations with mind-blowing destinies and we have to accept that truth. So I want to share three thoughts with you so you can be encouraged to walk into your identity as the daughter of the Most High God.

1. Unique has no standard. Two of the greatest enemies to our society are jealousy and comparison, which is prevalent among women. Sometimes we don’t quite understand that no one can be us and we can’t be like no one else. This statement is coming from a person that struggled, (and still have some issues), with loving herself. It didn’t matter about the creative ideas God gives me, or the encouragement I receive, or the fact I can still shop in the junior section, (hey I’m like the size of a pencil, no jokes are allowed in the comments about that LOL), but it never stopped me from comparing myself or becoming jealous of other women’s successes. One thing to keep in mind is the mission of jealousy and comparison is to KILL YOU….your dreams, your purpose, the blessings God wants to give you, and basically your future. How can you compare yourself to someone that is not you? Being different is not a crime and there is no manual out there with instructions on how to be You. God already placed everything you need to be your amazing self inside of you. Next week, I’m going on a serious fast to deal with letting go of the past because I want to embrace the next stage of my life. For too long, I put myself down and held myself back from pursuing certain things. I don’t want you to waste any more time either in low self-esteem, depression, and rejection. We all must come to grips with the woman God made us to be. That amazing woman is not weird, awkward, or even a waste of time. God put our personality together, designed our chemical and physical makeup, and placed the types of gifts He wanted us to have in us. Yes, He called you His masterpiece. So whatever we may think or regardless of what people say, God knows what He made. Just think about this. How would you feel if you took the time out to plan out every little detail of this one person’s life and made sure they will have an opportunity to live a great and amazing life just for them to reject it. Hey don’t we owe God respect?

2. Dream BIG.  Don’t be afraid to dream big. Honestly that statement is self-explanatory and need no further discussion. Sometimes we settle for the small stuff because we just want to get by in life. We settle for tacky guys as long as we can say we’re married, any job position as long as it pays the bills, and even think we don’t deserve the best. We’re afraid to imagine ourselves in a great marriage because we think no guy will date someone with kids. We’re afraid to go after the degree because we don’t think we could measure up to the coursework. We only have ONE life. If we spend it in self-pity and “woe is me” syndrome, then it’s nobody’s fault if it didn’t turn out the way you thought. Women are intelligent beings full of potential. We juggle careers, family, business, personal life, and school all in a pair of six inch red, high heels…..(lol so scratch the shoes part but you get my point). Why are we afraid to take on new responsibilities when it comes to our dreams? Why are you afraid to adjust our schedule or change our routine to create a better lifestyle for yourself? I don’t want to just sell mugs and shirts online, I want a whole company with stores everywhere. If you have dreams of making sure your family is financially secure, being an example to your cousins on how to be successful, or wanting to help the homeless and disabled people, then start dreaming BIG. Don’t just settle for being a secretary but plan to be a CEO. God gives us visions and dreams but we must put the work in!

3. God redeems….not your haters. Ladies we are notorious for claiming that we have a lot of haters. Somebody is always talking about me or they just hating on me. She jealous of this and her jealous of that. Blah. Blah. Blah. In the end, we try so hard to prove them wrong. Why! God is your redeemer not social media. He cleanses you from your past regardless who try to bring it up. He gives you a fresh start and people can’t put you anywhere unless God opens the door. So why prove that you are a good person or that you got it going on to a bunch of people who didn’t create you or better yet have issues themselves. As women, we shouldn’t throw rocks at each other or intentionally tear down one another. Honestly, we are not on everyone’s mind like we think. Let’s not put all of our effort into proving ourselves or mediating on who don’t like us. God is your redeemer and no one cannot do anything about that. Even if you still struggling with some of those issues, God wants to help you overcome them. Nothing about you shock Him.

That’s it for tonight! Until next time, I am going to challenge myself and you as well to pick up your crowns and act like a Queen!

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