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The Price of A “Yes”

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Then I heard the Lord’s voice, saying, “Who can I send? Who will go for us?”
So I said, “Here I am. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8 ERV 

Good morning, peeps! Hope you are waking up to a great morning and ready to embrace the day with motivation and excitement. Today I want to talk about saying “Yes”. What does the word “yes” really mean? It has been defined as a word used to give an affirmative response. In other words, saying the word “Yes” should not be taken likely. God has been dealing with me concerning “Yes”. I always thought I will never be the one running away from God or hiding from my calling. I found myself doing that very thing because my “Yes” has a price. Saying “Yes” to God means saying “NO” to my past, ex-boyfriend, my attitude about people, my “introvert” self, how I been spending my time and basically giving up everything. I tried holding myself back but I find God entering my hiding place. I hide behind my struggles and my past experiences thinking that will push God away but I ran out of excuses. You can only run so far and you can’t hide forever. Now can you say “NO” to God? Of course you can because you have a free will. God is not going to keep pulling at your heart forever and He can always use someone else if you don’t want to do it. Yes, you still have to give an account for it but I urge you to say “YES”. Last night, I decided to stop hiding and move forward in my “YES”.

So the question on the other side of this, “Is my YES worth it?” Is it worth getting up in the morning to spend time with God so He can strengthen me to not look back? Is it worth scheduling time in my day to study His Word so I can have the faith to forgive and move on? Is it worth facing my struggles once and for all so I can be healed? Is it worth embracing the journey to become whole so I can be an example to my generation? Is it worth giving up my “old self” in order to show someone else that God can change you? I can go on and on with these questions but my answer will still be “Yes it is worth it!” When God calls you, He is not calling you for YOU but for the lives that need to see Him through YOU. Saying “YES” doesn’t mean I have everything in order or that I am this perfect person but saying “YES” means that I am ready to be molded by God to be the person He’s calling me to be. When Jesus called His disciples, He called them where they was at. He told them to “Follow Me” and they left what they knew to follow His plan for them. Don’t worry about if you are qualified or not because God will prepare You! Don’t use your addictions/struggles as an excuse not to do what He says because God is a chain breaker and Deliverer! God has everything You need and all He wants for you to do is say YES.

I encourage you to not let this day pass without saying Yes to God. Make it your daily prayer and watch the great things that God will do through You. Keep your head up peeps and don’t quit!

This coming Sunday, I will start a new short story, “Rant It Out!” Have you ever wanted to get something off your chest? Well these next series of stories are about to pop off so stay tuned for the chit chat. In the beginning, I said I want to post short stories on Fridays but I have to change my schedule because of grad school. So I will be posting on Sundays now since this is the day I have more time to do what I love….write stories! So check out for new stories on Sunday nights! See you later!

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