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Stop Cursing…..Power in Words

By reading the title, you may think I’m referring to profanity but I’m not. No, I am not a fan of cussing at someone but I have curse without using “cuss words”. If you can be honest, you did too if you knew it or not. If you ever called someone “ugly”, “stupid”, “worthless” or heard the words yourself, those words formed a curse. Sometimes we think our words have no weight or will never hurt anyone but They Do. For me, I have dealt with years of rejection, depression, and even wanting to commit suicide because I allowed words of people and myself to curse how I viewed my life. I believed that when someone called me ugly that I was ugly. I told myself that I was not important and don’t trust people at all. The result was acting out what I believed. Not only did I receive negative words but I begin to aim those words at other people. If you offended me, I thought evil against you and yes my imagination runs wild. Since I felt bad about myself, I started to think the same about my son. Assigning struggles to his life in my mind and believing worst about him. Today, a revelation hit me.

My words have power and they can determine my life and sadly the lives entrusted to me. So I had to repent of my negative thoughts I had towards people, my son, and myself. (Before a word comes out your mouth, it had to become a thought in your mind first.) If I allow my negativity to effect my thinking, which in return will direct the course of my life, I will not fulfill God’s calling on my life and severely impact the lives of many people who needed me to overcome. When we speak harsh words to one another, we are adding an evil narrative to their story. If you keep telling a young girl that no one wants her, then she may end up doing whatever it takes to gain attention from men. Even as parents, we can open doors of evil in our children’s lives when we bad-mouthed them. Of course, you can say “But my child is terrible!”, but you can speak to that bad behavior and say “You are going to be someone great one day and great people don’t act like this.” Good and bad words yield fruit whether you want to reap it or not. We are not aware of what we speak into someone else’s life or our own on until we see the result. Often we wonder why there are so many suicides, why are people confused in their sexuality, or even horrendous crimes committed by young men and women because we have not considered what have been spoken over their lives or what lies from the devil decided to make a home in their minds. Despite what “curse words” were said to you or what you allowed to come out of your mouth, there is Hope.

God instructed us to mediate on HIS Word day and night. With every negative word, you must replace it with God’s words. If they call you ugly, you say “I am God’s masterpiece”..(Ephesians 2:10). If someone make you mad, mediate on “Above all, have unfailing love for one another because love covers a multitude of sins”(1 Peter 4:8) instead of constantly thinking about what they did wrong. God’s Word have POWER and can reverse any curse over your life and those around you.

So please STOP CURSING and SPEAK LIFE. I speak that you will find freedom in this area and will go on to become the great person God made you to be! Enjoy the rest of your day, peeps!

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