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Hanging On To What Was

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Last week, my life came to a “shift” because I have been offered a new job opportunity in another state. During my career, I have moved twice to different cities, went through the mental and physical preparation of relocation, and learned how to adjust to new environments. This time around I can say that I had some training in what I needed to do to prepare for this move. Plus I am moving just next door, (Hello Arkansas!), so the distance is not going to be a challenge. (Yes, I already heard about the beautiful scenery there so I can’t wait to be close to the amazing views). After hearing the good news, I was feeling emotions of anxiety. doubt, and excitement all at the same time but I knew this new opportunity is what I have prayed for and needed in my life right now. I must confess that this “shift” is different because I feel that this is bringing me to a space of “letting go”.

When it comes to different opportunities coming into our lives, we always stand with the decision of moving forward into something new or going back to the old. It is very easy to say “I am over my past” or “I will not let the past hold me back” but those statements will be tested when opportunity knocks. Yes, not every opportunity is good but there are some that come along to bring a shift in our lives. Whether it’s a shift in finances, environment, education, or spiritual, each level comes with a new sense of responsibility and we must manage that level properly. One of the things that have held me back from acting quickly on new things is my mindset. I tend to highlight my failures and disappointments instead of my successes. If I want to let go of “what was”, I must change my mind from “the past” to “the future”. I defined the “past” as anything that happened before today and the same will apply when tomorrow comes. Every new day brings us a chance to let go of what have happened so we can embrace the new things coming into our lives.

Now, I am trying to learn how to relax and rest in the moment because I do not want to continue holding on to “what was” and not celebrating “what is going to be”. I wrestled with the question “Am I worthy of the good things that happened to me?” and easily forget how far I came in my journey that allowed me to be in a position to accept good things. One part of my journey that have uplifted me the most is being a single mother. Although I do co-parent, I was not dismissed from the trials of raising my son in a one-parent household. I went through obstacles in my finances and education as well dealt with the mental and emotional side of this but can genuinely say that I am coming out on top of things. Even now, I am preparing to launch a prototype of my art subscription box,(by the holidays), for my new business, (SWCreatedWorks, LLC), and launch the official box next year. So, I can’t let my current,(not permanent) status of a single mother stop me from pursing better. That applies to every area in my life!

Do you have a shift happening in your life right now or a new opportunity unfolding…what are you holding on to that is preventing you from fully embracing the next phase in your life? Comment your thoughts. Until next time, enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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