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What About You…..(Set Yourself Free)

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Tonight I just want to give out some motivation. First, I want to circle back to why I started this blog. Back in 2018, I started this blog to tell short stories but I found myself discussing life issues more than creative writing. After I slacked on my blog, (almost over a whole entire year), I got back on it and decided to change it to a platform to document my journey of freedom as I provide encouragement to others at the same time. There were areas in my life that I wanted to progress in and also provide a space for people to be open about things they were dealing with. I want to keep that commitment to myself and not default on a goal that I set out to accomplish from the start. So when I skip a week of writing or come up with an excuse on why I cannot write, I am unknowingly sabotaging my own goal. We do not realize how much we hold ourselves back until we see someone achieving a goal that we lagged on. Now, it is real easy to get jealous but we can use that moment as encouragement. When you witness someone doing something that you are aiming to do, it only confirms that it is possible for you as well. I had one of those moments on today and now it is making me challenge myself even more to accomplish what I set out to do.

Life is a beautiful thing. When we are blessed to wake up to another new day, we have been granted another opportunity by God to live out our purpose. What is your purpose? Why are you here? These are questions we do need to answer because it will set our focus on the things we need to be doing in our lives. Looking at someone else’s life will not get you closer to your goal. It is okay to admire someone or be inspired to do better in your own life but do not let their life be the “guideline” to yours. You have a God-destined life just like they do. Honestly, the power lies within us to be everything we were created to be.

You can have it. Simply as that. We are holding ourselves back…for nothing. One of the things that bothers me now is having a head full of ideas but not unleashing them. No one told me I could not do them and really do not see any barriers stopping me. Before, I will just write my ideas down and go on with my day. Now, I am feeling this void growing larger within me that is craving for fulfillment and I need to tend to it. For me, that means really putting in all my effort this year to focus on my writing, nurture my creativity, and step out on the business I wanted to start since last year. I do not want you to lock up your potential because of fear and self-doubt. You have to see yourself going above and beyond away from that inward negativity. Do you really want to be in the same spot ten years from now? I bet you do not! (I’m rooting for you!)

In my city, we are finally getting some snowy weather! (Hey I stay in the South so it is uncommon here LOL!) Also this weather gives me a “writing kind of vibe” so I’m going to put forth some effort into writing more this week :). You all have a blessed and productive week! Always feel free to comment and chat with you next time!

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