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Life Talk – “I Am A Single Mom…But It Is Not My Permanent Position”

Look at my blessing! Introducing my eight year old son, Deundre!

Happy Wednesday! So where I’m residing, we have been experiencing a snowy week and that inspired me to get some writing done! (Hey, it’s the perfect weather for it!) I wanted to just get my thoughts out and have a small life talk with my single mothers. So hopefully you will be encouraged after reading this, [I will try not to rant :)].

I have been raising my son for the past eights years in a one parent household. I broke off the relationship with his father when our son was about six months and been co-parenting with him since. His dad has lived in a whole another state apart from me so my son did not see him a lot until he start three years ago picking him up to spend summers with. Majority of the parenting have fell on me so it was difficult adjusting to this new lifestyle. As a single mother, I do feel defensive in a way when I see negative comments concerning single mothers. It seems that society, (not everyone), shifts the blame on the mother and leaves out the father. I even had a controversial comment on one my YouTube videos that was based on my testimony as a single mother. Despite how single mothers are seen in the eyes of others, we all have a chance at a prosperous future.

Currently, I work full-time and attend graduate school online in pursuit of my MBA. I am not living in poor conditions and actually doing a lot better financially at this stage in my life. Yes, I am still dealing with some resentment and unforgiveness but finally taking myself through the healing process this year. This is not my final destination and do not accept it as my final destination. I do not have to be broke. I do not have to be depressed. I am equipped with talents to build a comfortable lifestyle for my son and I. I will get married and have a husband that will truly love both my son and I in a Christlike manner. I will be healed and walk as the Queen I am. I am not perfect in no way and still learning hard lessons but I have a fight in me to go on.

There are lies that have been spewed out in ears of single mothers that are meant to break them. I am not saying that it has been easy because I had struggled financially, spiritually, and emotionally but I am not allowing this one moment define my entire life. I chose to break things off with my son’s father because I could not see him as my husband. I did not want a dysfunctional home but wanted a home based on godly principles. Sometimes you may feel shame about choosing to be alone but you should not let no one pressure you to be with someone that really does not fit who you are. Yes I laid down with him but I also took responsibility for the child I helped create. (So shame has no place here!) You have to see a better future and not allow your present circumstances to dictate your next move. It is not always about having the money and resources, (although that it is important), but you need knowledge and wisdom. Educate yourself on gaining extra streams of income and utilize wisdom on how you need to raise your child(ren). Also you need knowledge of who you were made to be so you can move forward into your God-given destiny. If you need to heal, be honest about your issues and go through the healing process. Do not allow your frustrations to paint the wrong persona of you to the world. God sees you and really want to see you win. If no one else have your back, He must definitely do and I’m rooting for you as well!

For any single mother reading this, I encourage you to please get your dreams back! Enjoy your night and love you all!

2 responses to “Life Talk – “I Am A Single Mom…But It Is Not My Permanent Position””

  1. Just reading your post today because I love your inspiration. I too am a single mother with an 8 year old girl who has raised her on my own, but sometimes it can be a difficult task alone, so I valued your connection with God. I too found God was my key to clarity and belonging. God bless.

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    1. Thank you 😊….Keep pushing forward because God has nothing but the best for your life…


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