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Dear God- “Please Help Me To Never Lose Myself”

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It is Wednesday and tomorrow will be the beginning of April, which is National Poetry Month! So I will be sharing some poetic words next month on this blog and maybe some of my favorite poetic quotes from other creative poets and writers. So now to today’s topic.

As you read in the title, that is a sincere prayer for me. If you are a YouTube fan like me or active on any social media platform, you have ran across news about certain people being exposed for doing things that goes against the “persona” they have betrayed on their social platforms. Of course, I have wondered why people choose not to be authentic but instead adapt to a personality type that will be accepted by people. The reasons that I came up with was fame, money, or maybe fear of people’s opinions but in the end, the truth of who you are will stand out, (good or bad). Can you cover the truth up? Yes but it will be revealed in due time. Why? Lies are not made to last because they are not based on a solid foundation. The truth is value given to a person’s authenticity. To be honest, I feel at times that being truthful about my life and things I was dealing with will bring shame and have people looking at me sideways because I’m not presenting myself as “perfection” or a certain expectation people had of me. Now, I just do not want to hide the real me because the truths that come from my journey is meant to be shared with people that need to learn from it. I love engaging in deep conversations that are authentic and honest about life in general because personal experiences are the root of a person’s testimony that sparks the change in someone else.

So I can relate to people that pretend because I wrestled for years with who I was. I tried to play the role of the timid girl to protect myself from the bullying and even tried acting mean so I will not be bothered by people. Underneath that “fake persona” was a real woman that was dealing with hurt, pain, and misunderstanding from others but at the same time was unaware of the lessons of beauty and growth that was going to come from it. I love the heart God gave me for people and the desire to see people overcome in life. Although I tried to run away from that side of me, it comes out in other ways. I like to give to others. I love writing about my experiences to help single mothers overcome in their lives, people that deal with rejection and low self esteem issues like me, and just stories that bring inspiration to others. I am the type of person that has heart for both the victim and the victimizer. I learned quite a few hard lessons in my life that brought me to a certain level of humility and never want to portray myself as a “Know-It-All” or a “Pharisee” , (if you are familiar with the Bible concerning that type of people). Even it come to what I love in life, I appreciate different styles of music, thought-provoking videos and books, and fascinated with creative things. I have made mistakes, said and thought hurtful things about other people, and got some stubbornness in me as well. All of that makes up who I am and gives me a personal testimony to share. So should I be scared to show the world that? No and neither should you.

The day you lose yourself in the hype of social media and people-pleasing is the day that you say to the world, “I reject who I am and will follow who you all want me to be”. Honestly, your life will not end up the way you wanted after that. So, be true to you. There are people in the world that want to follow someone that is real and not like the rest of society. They have issues they want to deal with and dreams to accomplish but they do not need you to pretend if you want to use your life to help them. All of you is needed. The good, bad, ugly, successful, failing, crazy, powerful….God knew every piece of your life before you got here so allow Him to use everything about you.

Feel free to comment below and always remember that God only make masterpieces so show yourself off! Peace out people!

2 responses to “Dear God- “Please Help Me To Never Lose Myself””

  1. God gives me clarity and direction when I am in my darkest hour. Thank you for your inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome because my eyes are starting to open about things in my life. Glad to share it with you.


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