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Do Not Live Out “Their” Lies

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Good day peeps :)..This post today is coming from a few thoughts I had concerning “the past”. Everyone has one but do we allow ours to control us? It is easier said than done to let go of the past but I do know that it has to be done intentionally. You have to be intentional in removing people from your life that are keeping you complacent and not moving forward. You have to be intentional in staying away from those places and things that have kept you bound in certain struggles. You have to be strictly intentional in preparing for your future by investing in yourself, dedicating time to work on your talents, and engage in healthy connections with people that are made to propel you into your destiny. Now, all of this sounds great but sometimes we can struggle with the nagging voice of others and ourselves that tells us that we are not worth anything. I believe that rumors and gossip can kill you faster than a physical weapon because they target your identity. What you think about yourself really do effect how your life is going to go.

I know exactly how it feels to be the subject of another person’s lies, the butt of a joke, and the center of a gossip or rumor that I had no part in. Also, I know how it feels to be your own critic and scrutinized yourself to the point of quitting. But…..none of that is worth standing in. Lies are what they are…..LIES. Whatever you have done in your past or just two weeks ago do not hold your destiny. I do believe we give people the power to run our lives. Did I liked being talked about? No. Did I liked feeling so down about myself and telling myself that I am not enough constantly? No. Words indeed hurt but what you decide to do with those words can either give you fuel to reach for higher or cause you more hurt and pain. You can have one child outside of wedlock and some people may expect you to live on welfare for the rest of your life with multiple children by different fathers because of one mistake. You can fail one class and some people may expect you to drop out and be hanging out on the streets the rest of your life because of one mishap. I can go on and on with this. People will judge you based off your looks, family name, money, or whatever “petty” thing they can find. You have to remember that you do not have to live out the lies that were spoken against you and within you. I want to give out some focus points to think about. We all were given ONE life and no one wants to live their ONE life fueled by LIES.

You do not have to go back…YOU HAVE A CHOICE. If you do not see a physical chain connecting you to a certain person, place, or habit then you are not bound to them. You are not force to stay with people that do not mean you no good. You do not have to go back to what you know because what you knew was toxic and destructive. Branch out. Now I do want to add that I do believe in soul ties but they can be broken. Just do the work needed to break free. (May talk on this more later in the year…..going through the process now)

Crumbs are for dogs and YOU ARE NOT ONE. Why beg for love from people that mean you no good? Why beg for acceptance when you have to do something immoral in order to gain it? We accept scraps not because people throw them at us but we think that is all we deserve. You do not have to settle to be a side piece when you can have a whole marriage. You do not have to settle for toxic friendships and “wayward” people when you can have healthy relationships. There is no collar on our necks and no one on this planet Earth own us. We do not behave as dogs sniffing and hollering but we are human beings that are deemed royalty in God’s eyes. Never accept less than what you deserved.

People have a right to talk…but you do not have to listen. Everyone has a mouth. They have the right to say whatever they want, good or bad. Everyone has ears. They have the right to listen to what is being said or ignore it. You do not have to receive everything that people spew out at you. I do not have to receive being called “ugly”, “stuck-up”, “loser”, or any negative thing because I chose to live a different life and not be controlled by the will of others. If you receive what they say into your heart, then you will be responsible for the fruit of that offense that you allow to grow within you. Uproot the lies.

Do not be a stumbling block to yourself…YOU IS ALL YOU GOT. I have heard before that no matter where I go, I will take me everywhere. I am responsible for me and cannot say that enough. Responsibility and accountability are two words we need to be acquainted with. We are responsible for how our life experiences will effect us and we are accountable for the choices we make moving forward from those experiences. One of the best pieces of advice that I received from my father was that I have to BELIEVE IN ME. If I do not believe in the things that I set out to do, then it does not matter if anyone else do. You have to cheer yourself on, (and definitely feeling this I write to you peeps!) Do not continue to be your own worst enemy. Become your own best cheerleader. Think about this as well. If God has placed anything in your heart to do, He is confident enough in His creation of You to entrust You with that great thing so why are you downing yourself about it???

Let’s live intentionally and enjoy the rest of your week. As always, feel free to comment and chit chat!

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