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I Have the Power to Move On..

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Another good day peeps! I wanted to piggyback off another post from this week and add to our intentional liberation from the past, people’s opinions, and our own negative thoughts. The title of this post was another thought that came to my mind, (Thanks to God!), that serves as another reminder to me concerning the past. I HAVE POWER. YOU HAVE POWER. Power for what? To Let Go. I thought my power was left in the hands of a few people and my circumstances because I believe they had control over me. Or could it be that I was scared of what was on the other side of freedom? It was fearful for me to say the word “NO” because I did not want to deal with the emotional side that came with that. I did not want to hurt people’s feelings although I was getting the life sucked out of me. Now, I’m starting to realize that I actually have a choice. My life is not bound in the hands of someone else but God. Our mind can stay stuck for so long until we use the key to open up the door of possibilities for our future and close the door permanently to our past. We do not have to stay stuck unless we choose to.

Now, what does that look like? First, I can speak for myself. For me, that means mentally removing myself from my past and placing my thoughts in the realm of my future. In order words, stop rehearsing what has been done to me and what I have done wrong so I can start meditating on the great plans God has for my future. One bad relationship does not mean a cycle of bad ones in the future. One bad financial situation does not mean a cycle of bad ones in the future. That does not mean mistakes will be made but the power lies within me to change. Blame and guilt has no place in our choices. What is the point of blaming anyone when I can move on at anytime I choose? I can feel bad about something for how long as I want to but it does not change what happen. What can happen is for me to wipe my tears, get up from my bed of sorrows and make better decisions moving forward. Life does not have to be depressing and challenging.

Yes our choice to move on may come with a few consequences. Feelings may be hurt, the silent treatment may be given to me by some, or invitations may stop to certain social gatherings but my peace is worth more than a person’s approval of me. I cannot lower my standards and erase my moral boundaries to please everyone. Everyone will not be happy with your decision to go after “better”, (which is my own personal word for the year of 2021). Once you realize you deserve more and better, you do what in return….go after more and better. You have to power to move on. Do not stop your journey because you are scared to shine and reveal the person God actually made you to be. We need you to be a whole person not a half and fractured person that is constantly giving out pieces of themselves to this world. Everything about you is needed to make an impact within this Earth and yes, there are people that will be effected by the choices you make today. Hey, that is something I have to sit on as well because sometimes we think we are too small to influence any type of change but do not underestimate yourself. So these are my thoughts for today and feel free to comment your own thoughts as well! Good day 🙂

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