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Poem- “Hello, My Name Is Free”

Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com


My name is Free.

Not depressed/ Not reject/ Not fornicator/ Not hatred/ Not low self-esteem/ Not liar

My identity is not the same/ Once, I answered the name “sinner”/ If you call me that now, you will get no response/ Because that phase of my life is done

My name is Redeemed

Not confusion/ Not jealousy/ Not rebellious/ Not promiscuous/ Not drug addict/ Not murderer

My chains are broken!/ My life is plastered with this truth/ That I no longer have to answer to sin/ One man’s heroic deed transformed my life/ Given another chance to live

From sin to free

From a rebellious and tortured girl/ To a righteous and holy woman

From negative imaginations and profane thoughts/ To positive thinking and joyful living

From a heart filled with hurt and hate/ To a heart filled with loads of love to give away

From corrupt values filled with no remorse/ To standards of integrity and honor

From a wasted life/ To a victorious one

Jesus’s sacrifice is more than a celebration/ It is genuine liberation.

To be set free from chains of destruction/ To be loosen from a horrific and regretful past/ Worthy of death instead given a fresh start

Why dwell on the past and meditate on what I use to do/ I have no excuse to associate with my old life/ My old identity erased and replaced with the truth

I am joyful

I am peaceful

I am accepted

I am renewed

I am restored

I am chosen

I am forgiven

When Jesus set me free……….I am free indeed.

Copyright 2020, ShuCora Walker

I hope you enjoyed this last poem for the month in celebration of National Poetry Month!

You can check it out my poetry book here : Testimonies Of A Young Woman: Pieces of My Journey: Walker, ShuCora C: 9798550207628: Amazon.com: Books ….as always feel free to comment and make the most of your weekend! Talk to you next week peeps!”

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Hi..My name is ShuCora Walker. No, I am not the woman in the picture, but my words represent people like her. People who love good conversations. People who enjoy sharing their life stories. People who tell the truth to not only inspire but to heal, learn, and grow. I have been writing since my preteen years and found peace in letting my heart bleed out on the paper through my words. The focus of my writing has always been to share stories of triumph, struggles, and faith because God is the reason why I write. I remember at one point that I wanted to take my life, but God deemed it not to be because He still had a purpose for my life. Now, I am using my words to share my life journey so others can learn from it. Yes, one day I plan to open up this platform to other writers so we can continue to learn from different experiences of life. So, this is a space for anyone seeking to live a life of real freedom and enjoy some good moments along the way…


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