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Power in Goodbye: Pieces of My Faith Journey (Part 1)

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Hello, peeps! Another great Friday and another great day for writing! This week, I have been doing some thinking about where I am currently in my life right now. I also was thinking about the “roadblocks” in my path that was keeping me from moving forward. At the beginning of this decade, I purposed in my heart that this was going to be one of the best decades in my life. I wanted to see the goals I wrote out to accomplish within the next ten years come to fruition. Now, I am understanding that it is NECESSARY that I say “Goodbye” to everything that will hinder me from moving on into my future. I did not say “some” things but everything. If I hold on to a little now, then that little have the potential to cause a gigantic disruption in my future. There is power in saying goodbye, because that one action acts as a symbol for a new beginning.

My faith plays a role in the process of “letting go”. I prayed to God to help me see further than my past experiences because I was constantly holding them in my view. It is true that you really cannot go further than what you see because you allow the pain of what you been through to diminish your faith. I view faith as a keyhole to my future and when I do not walk by it then I am stuck lamenting over the past. In my faith journey, I had big dreams inside of my heart but struggled with voicing them out. Before I declare anything, I took myself through unnecessary, and condemning evaluation of myself to see if I was worth it. I did not rely on God but put my trust in my past. I thought my past could tell me about my future, and with all of the mistakes I made, I struggled with believing that anything good can come my way. Now, I am learning to shift my path from disbelief to belief. My past has NOTHING to do with my future. My future IS NOT my past. I had to make the decision to separate from the things that were not ordained to come into my future with me. That includes people, ideologies, and myself as well. I have to surrender “myself” because “I” was holding myself back from better and more. I learned from my father that it do takes faith to walk out of something, whether its an issue that we are struggling with or a relationship/friendship that God is telling you to leave. Faith gives us the strength. So let me share you with you some “faith statements” so you and I can take the first step toward the direction of our prosperous destiny. It is not enough to have a vision for your life but you have to “do something”.

Goodbye, People. We are responsible for our own life. No person on this Earth can control that unless I give permission. Everybody is not made to walk into your future with you. I have to discern who needs to be in my life and who I need to let go. Toxicity, dysfunction, unnecessary drama, gossip and wayward ways have no place in my life along with the people that want to entertain those things. I cannot desire godly and healthy relationships/friendships if I choose to hold on to people that are contrary to that. If they are not going in the same direction, time to part ways. Goodbye.

Goodbye, Heartbreak. Choose not to be someone that is chained to the heartbreaks of life. I told God that I wanted to move on from my heartbreaks. My first relationship did not work out and played the role of a “side chick” the second time. Both encounters made a dent in my heart but I still was slow to make the moves I needed to and break away from the pain. Although those two men are not with me physically, those memories and the soul tie are with me and I need to sever the ties. There is no point to holding on to “old memories” when there are “new memories” ready to fill our space. Also think about this, if the other person have moved on, then why have you not? (Hey let get ourselves together…our future spouse is waiting!)

Goodbye, Wrong Mindsets. What is “poverty” thinking? That is thinking with limitations. If you think you cannot change, then you will not. If you think you cannot go achieve your goals of going back to school or starting a business, then you will not accomplish those things. Our thinking can be shaped by the things we watch, read, the people we encounter and even be influenced by our upbringing but not everything is good for our minds to soak in. I cannot take every thought in my head as gold without testing it first because there are certain thoughts that can affect certain areas in my life negatively. It does not matter how long we been thinking a certain way but it matters when we come into the knowledge that some of our thoughts are wrong and need to change. You cannot move forward properly with a mindset that is still stuck in the past. We have to say goodbye to those “poverty” thoughts.

Goodbye, Limitations & Low Expectations. Can I soar in my life? Can I actually have everything that I desire in my heart according to God’s will? Do I actually believe that God has plans for me to prosper in this life? Those are not just questions for me but for you as well. We can limit ourselves and expect only little to come from our life. If we expect little, then that is what we will received. Faith is like a teacher too. It teaches you that you need to change your vision if you want things to change. After you change your vision, actions must start to align with that vision. I feel sad when I hear people give up on life or settle in their struggles because I know that there is a way out. We have to expect higher and not allow what have happened in our lives to determine what we should expect out of life. Knowledge is powerful as well. When you gain the right knowledge about something, your perspective starts to shift along with your life. Find out the plans God has for your own life and shift your thinking.

Goodbye, “Old” ME. That statement says it all. We cannot take our past ways into our future. The past cannot go. Simple as that. No matter how much I cry or fight to keep certain thought patterns, habits, and people in my life, my future requires me to not walk in dysfunction. Goodbye is mandatory here. Life is about growing, evolving, and maturing not stunting our growth or staying stagnant. New levels require a new version of ourselves in order to navigate it well. Let’s shed our tears and say our goodbyes.

As always, I hope you received something from this and feel free to comment. Hey, I understand that it can get hard when cutting ties with things that we may have spent majority of our life fooling around with but once we let go……Release & Relief. Our future is worth the pain of “goodbye” because the pain of the past will not matter when we step into our God-given destiny. Have a great night! James 2:17 “So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead.”, GNT (Good News Translation)

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