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“BE”- Embracing My Journey As A Writer

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Happy Wednesday amazing peeps! So this post is a little different today, and if you are a writer yourself then this will probably resonate with you more. I wanted to share a part of my journey as writer as I prepare to release my second book, “BE”. “BE” is about overcoming the person that I thought I was and becoming the person I was made to be. About two to three years ago, I had asked God what my second book would be, and this was the title He gave me. In that moment, I knew that was a message for me to step out of this “rejected state” that I was living in and step into a state of “freedom”. I was holding myself back from what I can become because I allowed the pain of my past to rule me. In writing that book, it was a “wake-up” call to me. I had to start my own journey in becoming the woman God created me to be.

Writing is more than just a hobby for me. It is a way for me to heal and share that process with people that need it. Right now, I am comfortable self publishing my own books, (until I get a team together!), because I want to be able to release my voice into the world on my own schedule. I desire to write as many books as I am led to write without the pressure of a “timeline”. I tend to write according to the season that I am in my life, which for me is the season of “letting go”. I have not always embraced writing as a talent I can use to impact others, and even questioned my capability in writing certain genres. But every time that my hand hit the keyboard, I felt peace. This can apply to more than writing, but anything that lights you up on the inside. We have to embrace what has been given to us.

In my journey, I had to embrace that my writing was a “safe place”. I was able to discuss all sorts of topics, and weave my personal experiences throughout those stories. I am learning that my life is a toolbox from which I can pull out tools of wisdom to help others navigate through their high and low moments. Some things I write will be for pure enjoyment, and others will be moments of deep reflection, but my goal is to open up my heart and share with the world. Simply meaning…WRITE. WRITE. WRITE. Even if no one is reading, I write. Even if many is reading, I write. Even through ridicule and misunderstanding, I write. Being ashamed of certain parts of me does a big disservice to who I am. I procrastinated writing books, doubted myself in writing about certain topics, and feared what others may think about my writing. Not realizing that this was a tool that God was using to help me become free in my own life.

I am very passionate about this and do not want to make this a long post LOL. I love sharing moments like these because I want someone to discover that passion again. Not stop at discovery, but uncover the purpose behind it. My purpose behind my writing is people. Hurting people, broken people, forgotten people, go-getters, overcomers, and people that are like me that want to see a change in the world. Our talents are not just something that we should put in our back pocket but they are meant to be used. So as I am walking my journey, I pray you embrace yours as well. Fight through the doubt and “what-ifs” and embrace who you are. There is no shame in being a writer, but there is shame in hiding it. (You can take out the writer part and insert your talent.) It is shameful to hide something that is meant to help someone else.

As always feel free to comment about your own journey and enjoy your day!

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