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The Talk YOU Need

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Today, I am feeling great. I got up this morning with a mind to conquer my day, and you know what…..I want this to be a routine for me. In the past, I use to waste my days lamenting over the responsibilities that I was doing and becoming depressed over issues I was still dealing with. Did you know I wasted whole summers away when I did get a break from my son…..did not accomplish much but lounge around. I am not saying that it is not good to rest but there is a difference between rest and laziness, (with a mix of procrastination). I have a lot of goals and dreams that I aspire to achieve, but that cannot be established if I am moping around. This summer, I have taken a different approach by first dismissing what was distracting me, and making the decision to finish what I was set out to do. To be honest, I had to have a conversation with myself in order to move forward with this new mindset during this process of change.

I like to watch videos that motivate and inspire me, and have no problem with seeking out a mentor later in my life BUT…….I have to let myself know that this is the path that I am taking. All of those things I mentioned was good, but it will not change anything until the mind changes. Last week, I discussed the difference between “conviction” and “condemnation”. One sparks change, while the other inspire stagnation. The type of conversation we need with ourselves is the one that influences change. We do not need to be content in staying the same and act like all of our dreams will magically happen for us. No ma’am. No sir. It does not work like that. I am not saying that just “talking” will make things happen but it will set the tone for things to happen. “Power of life and death is in the tongue..”. How many times have we seen the manifestation of things that we have spoken into existence? We may not have noticed it, but take time to examine your life sometime this week. You do not have to be at this same spot ten years from now……I am surrrrre not planning to be.

So what does self-defeating convos sound like?

“I did turn all my assignments in, but I am still going to fail these classes.”

“I bet my ex is treating that girl better than he did me. He never loved me.”

“I would start this YouTube channel but what would people say about me? No one supports me anyway.”

“My life will always be hard.”

“I believe that none of my co-workers like me. They always give me the back office work.”

……….Now, even if those things are true, what does it have to do with your next steps? Your convos may not sound like those, but could be quite similar. Negative thinking does nothing for no one. That does not mean abandon all reality and make it seem like everything is going great in your life, but I am not going out like a sucker when life comes at me!

Try putting some pressure behind your words that will spark change. Let these words settle in your spirit.

“I am not incapable of achieving my goals. I have the time, knowledge, and creativity to do it. My bed is not my home. I am getting up from here.”

“I want NOTHING from my past. I am moving on from my exes, because there is better for me. My life is still moving on, and I’m going to LIVE IT!”

“No one or nothing can stop me. I decide how my life will go. My time is precious, and not wasting it on things, thought, and people that do not matter. Time to get up and walk!”

“Yes I suffered some bad things in my life, but I thank those experiences for the strength I gained. I am not a weakling, but more than a conqueror! I am making my comeback!”

“God did not make me trash or unimportant, so therefore I will not treat myself like it. This world do not determine what I CAN DO with my life. Forget those naysayers and bullies! There is nothing that they can do or say to stop me from living the life GOD DESTINED FOR ME to live. I am putting everything I got into the things I DESIRE TO ACCOMPLISH.”

I pray that you have gained some insight and ready to finish this week strong! Enjoy the rest of your day, overcomers! As always feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below…I don’t mind chit chatting…😊

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