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Respect Your Time (Friday Chit Chat)

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BREAK FREE from Procrastination. So I am going to jump right into this post. This week, I have set out on a journey that I have attempted many times before and this is……..setting a time schedule. Procrastination has been a “best friend” of mine because it gave me the permission to excuse myself from “respecting” the time I was given. (Confused by that statement or not?) Time is a beautiful thing to have and I had to realize that I am in control of my time. After reading about how to handle time in the book, “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks, it started to dawn on me that I have to make time for the things I need to do instead of blaming time for not being enough. If I have 24 hours in a day, I have 24 hours to use to accomplish for that day. Those 24 hours do not dictate me, but I am in charge of that time. Putting off tasks that you need to do or even hobbies you want to have time for will not get you closer to your goals or even establish any type of discipline within you. Procrastination is kin to fear. We are more ready to put off something if we are fearful of it. Are you fearful that when you study for the class that the material will be too hard for you to comprehend? Are you fearful of attempting a business venture with little or no support? Are you fearful of starting over after breaking off a toxic relationship? Let me end this thought on that question. Procrastination goes beyond our daily life responsibilities, but it also shows up when it comes to deciding when to break off connections with certain people, getting rid of certain mindsets, and moving on from “lifeless” situations. We have to break free from this mindset that “I got time”. You do have time but for a certain period. If you are not using that time to make critical decisions that will change and benefit your life in the long run, then you are using that time to stay in those bad places. So let me rephrase something. Yes we got time…but only for the things we choose it for.

DO NOT FEAR the Deadline. I am about to give a different perspective concerning deadlines….they are necessary. The concept of having a deadline is to know that there is a limit to what I am doing. For example, I am in the process of editing my second book, but I had trouble staying on course so I had to give myself a deadline to complete it. I have to be accountable to myself for how I use my time. There is a beginning and an ending to things, which allows time to be so precious knowing that I am given it and that it has an end to it so I must cherish what I have. On the other side of that, this also applies to the things that are not needed in our lives. We need to give out deadlines to toxic relationships, habits, and even places that we have outgrown. A deadline speaks to the end of something so something new can emerge. Going back to my editing process, I meet this deadline of publishing my book so I can prepare for the next one. The excitement in that is adding more books to my catalog as a writer and growing in my writing as well instead of holding myself back by putting off this task. Also, when I make the decision to leave someone that is harmful to my destiny and will hinder my growth in life, then I make room for someone that is more fitted for me. Meeting deadlines open up the space, while missing them keep certain doors closed.

As the weekend is coming in, I hope everyone enjoy the “time” they have….good day, champions! As always feel free to comment your thoughts…..agree or disagree?

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