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Rise. Smile. Grab Hold.

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Rise. Days can be worth living if we learn to get up….what do I mean by that? Not the usual morning routine that we sometimes force ourselves to go through until our bodies become completely aware that it is morning but I’m talking about rising from that place of loneliness, complacency, depression, self-pity, and any place(s) that have us stuck. Life will have its ups and downs, but we need to have the “fight” to get up from those moments and situations that knock us down. We have to rise in order to move on. This is a “You” choice. You have to decide that your life is worth living and not use your life to stay in a pit of life’s disappointments, uncertainty and unmet expectations.

Smile. Do you know what a difference “a smile” can make? Regardless of what is going on in my life, it takes courage to smile through it. That does not mean that I do not have times that I cry, question things, and even feel very frustrated, but a smile acts as an outward sign to the world that I will overcome. Not every experience in life will be hard or depressing, but there are moments where we feel some level of difficulty when it comes to new opportunities and good life-changing experiences. Even in those times, smile to reassure your own self that “everything will work out”. (That is when trusting in God comes into full play in your life if you allow Him.)

Grab Hold. To grab hold of something is to pursue. Pursue the day. Take hold of your days and do not allow your days to go to waste. I struggle with this in my own life because I allow the stress and worries of yesterday to dictate my present day. Instead of embracing a new day, I am adding on past days alongside this new day. So it is like trying to live out Saturday through Monday on this one Tuesday. This not only pertain to days, but to various areas of our life. The message is to put behind past things and grab hold of the new things in front of you. So if you may have failed in your education or even finances with all of the debt, lay those disappointments down and grab hold of the new things ahead that can turn those areas around. That may mean partaking in finance classes, or starting over at a new school, but grab hold of what you need to prosper in your own life. The beauty in starting over is recognizing that you have an opportunity to begin again. Also the beauty in beginning again means starting over with new wisdom, new insight, and learning from past lessons so you can conquer this time.

Good day overcomer! As always feel free to comment and share your own encouraging words!

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