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God-Connected: The Perfect Love Story

Let us become One…

I’m back again to close out the convo from last week. I shared my heart about sexual purity along with sharing my experiences and struggles with purity as well. Respecting my body is showing my respect for the One who created it. I honor my body; I honor God. My final thoughts on this conversation is centered around the subject of trust.

Who do you trust with your life? Who do you trust that will give you the right advice? When it comes to respecting my body and remaining abstinent, I do these things in order to connect to the right one by connecting to the One (GOD). Whoever or whatever you place your trust in, you follow their specific way of doing things. If that way leads you to sorrow and despair, then that is what you reap in your own life. I tried doing things according to the “culture” and “what’s popular” but did not reap the true love I was seeking.

To be connected to God is to be connected to His way of doing things. His way is not “harsh” or “unattainable”, but guides us on a path to the best life we could ever live on this Earth. That goes beyond fame, riches, and all the intelligence we can gather on this Earth but it is about living the life that best fits you. People are trying to find that perfect “love story” through immoral living and lustful ideology, but it cannot be achieve unless we go to the One that created it.

God made sex. It is not bad, but it cannot be fully enjoyed outside of the context it was originally created for, which was marriage. Before marriage, I have to gain the understanding of what it means to become ONE. So how do one accomplish that? By becoming One with God. As I become One with Him, I gain the understanding and knowledge of how I need to navigate my life. I would not date just anyone. I would not go just anywhere. I want to be purpose-driven. I desire to do life with a purpose partner. Purpose allows you to enjoy things better and even stick with it during hard times. When I’m involved with something or someone that is tied to my life’s purpose, then I’m able to truly live LIFE.

I do not want the “Hollywood love story” or the fake “social media relationships”. I want the real thing. By experiencing God’s love, (and allowing Him to love me), in my own life, then I will be able to recognize “true love” when my future spouse enters my life. So peeps, once again thanks for reading and as always, feel free to comment your thoughts! Good day!

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