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Take Off the Mask….

Time to say goodbye to an old “friend”….

Good afternoon! I hope you are doing excellent and if not, let’s pray your day gets better 🤗. It’s finally September 1st and going to dedicate this month to “BE”. “BE” is my second self-published book that talks about going from this state of rejection and self-pity to a state of freedom. So I’m going to be sharing some of my thoughts from the book and hopefully it encourages you to make the step into the right direction for your life.

Rejection is an old “friend” that I know too well. I have wasted years on that “unnecessary and tumultuous” friendship that never went anywhere. So now I have came to a point of maturity to deal with this and start making the changes I need to go forward in my life. The first step in doing that is to deal with the hurt. A lot of us can admit that we have hid behind a “mask” to keep from showing the pain we were harboring inside in certain moments in our lives. When we say goodbye to something or someone, whatever was left in that spot vacated by them is left uncovered. That could be pain, trauma, or even old feelings of bitterness that’s left and must be removed in order for the right things to come occupy those spaces in our lives. If you truly want to be free, deal with the hurt. Don’t hide behind the mask of “being okay” but move into a state that you really can truthfully say “I am okay….No, I am better than okay.” Below is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of my book…Happy reading!

Expressing what have hurt you is not a crime. Giving voice to your pain does not make you a pitiful person. I say those two statements to affirm that you must be able to communicate your scars. Yelling and screaming does not always get your point across and suppressing trauma does not erase the hurtful memories. All of us, either in the past or present and possibly in the future, experienced some sort of heartbreak and sorrow. You wish you can go back in time and change the past, but time does not go backwards but forward. The best way to keep moving forward is letting go of the past including the pain that came with certain experiences done at the hands of others or yourself. There is a scripture I want to share with you that speaks to me, which is Philippians 3:13. It states, “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,” (New International Version). The only way to go forward is to let the past become dead to us. Nowhere in that verse or chapter did Paul said hold on to your past. So, this circles back around to the beginning of this paragraph. That hurt needs to be expressed and poured out. That can be accomplished in various ways: therapy, talking with a close friend or family, using a creative form to express the pain but ultimately going to God. Not going to Him with your “religious” mask on but coming to God as you are in your “current” state: hurt, broken, confused, and shattered.

If you interested in reading more, you can purchase my book “BE” here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C3RKS54

Good day peeps!

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