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Change Your Story

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What is the story you are telling yourself?

It is a simple question but with an unlimited number of answers. Why? We tell ourselves a lot of stories that are sometimes based on how we feel, what someone said, and even based on our broken past. This is not to say to ignore the “real” circumstances within your life, but to change how you speak about them and yourself. We are looking for change but not always willing to make it first. It does not matter how many people are rooting for you to reach higher heights or if you are entering a new venture alone, what matters most is what you tell yourself. The information you release between your ears will determine whether you keep going or stay stuck. Yes, we all have a story that has some good and bad parts, but we also have a choice to live in freedom of those things or stay bound to them. Even when it comes to past successes, you have to be careful not to stay so comfortable at one level when there are higher levels to approach.

Stop telling yourself that you cannot achieve something because of what someone said. Stop telling yourself that you have to do things exactly like someone else in order to be successful or to accomplish certain feats. Stop telling yourself that you cannot move on from something or someone. Stop telling yourself that it is too hard to change. Your life will go the exact way that you speak. It will unfold the exact way you think. It will only go as far as you see. What are you saying, thinking, or even seeing that need to change? You have the power to change it and no one can do that for you. Regardless of what have happened in your life, do not sing the depressing song of a victim, but beat the loud drums of a victor. You can overcome. So final question….

What story are you going to start telling yourself now?

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! If you are looking for something interesting to read that will inspire you to move forward and BE the change you want to see, you can purchase my book second book “BE” here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C3RKS54

Good day!

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