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Let the Lies Die….

Say goodbye to the LIES

Good morning. I want to give some inspired convo to set your day off right and give you something to meditate on this Labor Day weekend.

Have you ever been lied on? Have you ever been talked about? Does it hurt to be the center of gossip or labeled as someone you are not? Do you battle with negative thoughts trying to flood your mind, especially when you are trying to make changes in your life for the better? If we could be honest, all of us have experienced this at what point in our lives, and some have gotten it worse than others. Lies have a way of penetrating the hearts and minds of people and transforms that person for the worst. They suddenly become less confident. Once they were happy and smiling, now they are sad and depressed. Those same lies also keep some people in a state of complacency with no forward movement.

Regardless of what was spoken to you, about you, or within you, you need to decide that the power of those lies will come to a halt in your life. We have to let the lies die. It is a tragedy to see how people can live out lies spoken over them. You have a baby outside of wedlock then someone comes along and automatically label you as a whore. If you choose to believe that, then you will soon find yourself living that lie out and jumping from bed to bed with various people while living out society’s stereotypical definition of a single parent. Or you may have been labeled as a child that will be a “menace to society”, and now years later you are doing time in prison while ensuring yourself that this is the type of life you are destined to live. Now, this does not excuse personal choices, but those choices are a form out of what we believe about ourselves.

The most dangerous thing we can do to ourselves is to believe every lie that comes through our ears, whether that’s external or internal. I am guilty of telling myself lie after lie because I was refusing to confront the pain those lies came from. Sometimes I found comfort within those lies, because hearing the truth was going to make me face myself and make the changes I needed to make. To be honest, the truth is not bad. I believed the lie that I was not confident, when the truth was that I was confident. To accept that truth meant coming out of this bubble of timidity and speaking up about the things God had given me to share regardless how people feel or think about me. Lies are planted to cover up the amazing purpose we carry because lies do not like for people to be free.

Responsibility and accountability are wonderful characteristics that can bring joyful results into our lives if we take note of them. We oftentimes believe that blame and guilt will bring justice into our lives, but honestly it only buries the hurt feelings and issues even deeper. This is not to say that wrong behavior should not be corrected, but I cannot give control of my life over to those things. God gives us the responsibility of uprooting those lies and replacing it with truth. Whether you believe in God or not, I can say this from my personal experience that His Word is the cure. God speaks no lies so He is the proper Source to gain the truth I need to overthrow the lies that are trying to operate within my life. Yes God has the power but I have to do the work. I encourage you to reach beyond yourself to grab hold of an everlasting Truth that will break the stereotypes, false narratives, and lies spoken over you. Again…Let the lies die.

As always feel free to share your thoughts and enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Good day peeps!

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