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“Breathe In..Breathe Out (I Am Forgiven)” – Excerpt from “BE”

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Breathe In & Breathe Out (I Am Forgiven)
Let this statement rest in your spirit: It is hard to forgive others if we cannot forgive ourselves. Can we truly give something that we do not have? If we do not have forgiveness for ourselves, then what can we give others? I have been my biggest enemy if I can be completely honest. I am the only person that can give permission for certain situations including people to make me feel a certain way. I am the only one that can choose to spend countless nights meditating on every wrongdoing that I have done without the help of anyone or the Devil. All the negativity, resentment, and bitterness from our past hurts can quickly cloud up our view of ourselves. Instead of viewing ourselves as “forgiven”, we see ourselves as “criminals”. If you are truly repentant of the things you have done wrong and asked God for forgiveness, there is no reason for you to be held back by the past. Think of it as a free man voluntarily going to the jailhouse every day and locking himself in the jail cell all day. Although he is free, he acts as if he is not. In writing this book, I wanted to seek freedom from the spirit of rejection not only for myself but for others as well. The perspective I did not want to give off is blaming someone or something for personal struggles. This is a “ME” thing not a “THEY” thing. Yes, I have been hurt by people at my school, on the job, in my family, and in the church as well but I am the one that decides if my life will be controlled by that pain. So, I must learn how to drain myself of the bitterness and let in the forgiveness.
Right now, take a deep breathe. Inhale. Now exhale. How does that feel? Relaxing. Relieved. No Stress. Peace. If it is needed for us to inhale and exhale, then it is important to inhale forgiveness and exhale the hurt. You cannot truly receive forgiveness if you do not release the hurt. Let us be honest. We can be a little hard on ourselves instead of learning to love ourselves through tough situations. I always felt the need to keep up this perfect image instead of allowing myself to mess up and be authentic about things I was dealing with. I am human but have access to walk through this life with the grace of God. God will never ask us to forgive if He truly believed that we were not capable of doing it. If He knows that I can, then I must believe that I can. I MUST FORGIVE MYSELF. I am worthy of forgiveness. You are worthy of forgiveness.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! If you are looking for something interesting to read that will inspire you to move forward and BE the change you want to see, you can purchase my book second book “BE” here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C3RKS54

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