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Breathe In….Breathe Out

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Another morning. Another day of writing. Today, I wanted to talk about one word: Forgiveness. I have written on this before, but wanted to serve up another reminder this morning. If you ever experienced bouts of condemnation like me, this post is most definitely for you. (In another post, I will share an excerpt of this topic from my book “BE” along with the link to the book if you are interested in learning more about it.) I have always heard the statement “you cannot give something that you do not have.” Although that statement sounds a little “hopeless” to me, I cannot overlook the wisdom it gives. If I want to do or be something different, I need to acquire the things that will enable me to bring about that difference. That also applies to forgiveness. In order to give it out, we need to receive it for ourselves first.

Another thought I had is this….I do believe we possess the capacity to bring forth something different but there is something occupying that space that is preventing us from doing so. We have the capacity to love, but probably have “hate or bitterness” occupying that space. We have the capacity to change, but probably have “rebellion or stubbornness” occupying that space. So we can forgive, but we need to remove the pain and hurt occupying that space.

Exhale the Hurt. We are not created to hold years and years of trauma, hurt, and painful memories. Not only are our hearts and souls affected by suppressed pain, our bodies begin to feel the pain as well. Releasing what is hurting us allows us to make room for healing. There is no point in holding on to the past. The past cannot do anything for us. Yes, I understand that there are conversations we wished we had, apologies we wished we would have gotten, or even good things we know that we deserved from certain people, but only received the opposite from that. The world does not stop, and people do move on. So, I challenge you to give yourself permission to let go.

Inhale the Forgiveness. Do you wonder how it feels to unload the past from off your heart, soul, and mind? Probably will feel light as a feather. When we exhale, we must inhale. There needs to be something to occupy the space that we allowed the pain to be released from. That must be forgiveness. We cannot change the things we did before, but we can change who we become after. I believe there are a good portion of us holding ourselves hostage over things we have done wrong and trying to intentionally punish ourselves by neglecting self-care, constantly feeding ourselves self-doubt and fear, and self-sabotaging “purposeful” relationships/friendships that will propel us into our destiny. Forgiveness allows us to start over regardless of our feelings or whoever does not think you deserve a second chance. Allow yourself to receive forgiveness and take advantage of a second chance, (does not matter if it is your 3rd, 4th, 100th, or 1000th chance…..Start Over Again. It’s a New Day!)

Happy for you to take the time out to breathe and read this is on this morning. As always feel free to comment and enjoy your day!

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