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Forward Movement & Backwards People #fridayconvo

Moving forward requires dropping off the weight (people, habits, certain thinking patterns) that will hinder your movement.

So this is my third and final post for today! (Hooray I finally reached my 100th post on here….well 101 when this is posted!!) I do enjoy writing my thoughts and sharing my life with you all, and had one more thing to get off my heart. When I look at where I am now in my life, I see the progress I have made not because of the resources that I have, but the choices I made concerning people. Now, am I at the level I need to be? No, but I am striving to let go of old thought patterns, habit…..and people that are hindering my progress. Sometimes people from your past may not be with you physically, but are still living in your mind and memories. For some, you are currently connected with these individuals that are not pushing you forward. Forward thinking requires forward movement.

I hate to be the barrier of bad news but it needs to be said: NOT EVERYONE FROM YOUR PAST MEANT TO BE APART OF YOUR FUTURE. Take that statement with some grace and meditate on it for a few minutes. The type of people we choose to be around do determine the direction our future goes in. In order to have a great and prosperous future, we need the courage to drop the people that are only connected to the Past. That includes detaching physically, spiritually, and mentally. I do understand that some of these people we may not can avoid like family members, co-workers, or co-parenting situations, but that is when boundaries come in to play to let that person know that this is how far you are going with me.

Drop the conversations with the Past. There is nothing in my Past that can help me navigate the future. Yes, I have wisdom and lessons that can I use to prevent me from going backwards, but my vision is fixated to go forward. If people are only conversing with you about things that happened in the past or constantly relating to you based off an “old version” of you, those are signals that your past is where they need to stay in. The future calls for a different language not a conversation full of shame, guilt, condemnation, and toxic living. Going forward is changing the way I speak about “Now”.

Drop the vision rooted in the Past. Relationships are powerful, both romantic and platonic. Whether you agree or not, I believe it does matter who you decide to do life with. One of the hardest things I had to hear from God was to leave a certain person I was dating. When both of us started to conversate about the future, a voice rose up in me loud and said “NO!”. My future was on the line because of who I was with at the time, because my “present” behavior was setting me up to forfeit the future God wanted to give me. The Past do not have a future to give. Two people can be making plans for the future, but only basing that vision off experiences from the Past. To be honest, if we were truly looking toward the Future, some of the people we were with will be instantly dropped! Why? Because we will not see them in the Future. And we will not see ourselves functioning on the higher level we envisioned to be, if they come along. This is not to label people as “devils”, but their “devilish” ways are going to keep you from prospering.

Drop the things that lead to the Past. Let’s be honest. Everyone is not trying to do better in their lives. Yes, they may have a lot of money. Yes, they may be popular. When it comes to “changing”, they have the attitude that they are above growing beyond their struggles and pain, and think they can still succeed without it. They may succeed but not the success they are destined to have. Compromising your morals and values will not help you achieve the healing and “the better” you are seeking in life. If you are trying to turn away from a certain lifestyle or striving not to go back to your past ways, do not allow others to bring you back to that “low level of living”. Put up your deuces, and say goodbye!

One final word, if you truly ready to move forward, forgive them. Forgiveness allows you to release them and not carry the stains of those interactions into future, (God-ordained), relationships and partnerships. As always feel free to comment and until next time, BE SAFE!

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