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Do Not Compare Me (A Note To The Heart)

I choose to BE ME…

I choose to BE ME. A simple statement but yet a bold declaration. Not for the world to hear but for the heart to grab hold on to. I’m learning that not everything in your heart is worth chasing because there are some things in there that are mixed with bits of shame, fear, anger, resentment, or other bad residue left from life experiences. I know that we love to blame social media for the deadly “comparison game”, but is it really the root of it or just fueling the fire that was already set in our hearts to begin with??

I grew up with issues of accepting who I was. I had a hard time coming to terms that my uniqueness was made to stand out not fit in. So when I heard someone spoke something negative about me or presented with these worldly ideals of the type of woman I needed to be, I immediately was triggered to think something was wrong with ME. I wasted precious moments of my life fighting to be the person that everyone can accept instead of standing in the truth that God already established for the creation of me.

Instead of spending our time convincing people to like what we do, what we say, and how we are, let’s take that same energy into telling our hearts: “DO NOT COMPARE ME”. Regardless of what I’m pursing in life and the changes that I’m making to better myself, I must check my heart to ensure that there are NO COMPARSIONS at the root of my decisions. Both desires and lies can live in our hearts. We can have good desires, but can be easily spoiled by the lies we are carrying about ourselves within our hearts. To be different is to not compare.

So another post, another day! Thanks for reading and always feel free to comment your thoughts about the subject of comparison or whatever is on your heart…. Good day overcomers!

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