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….Tomorrow Is Not Promised

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Tomorrow is not promised. Have you ever had a moment where you wish you can do something but did not have enough time? Or did you wish you could go back and change the past? I had plenty of moments like that but realized that I must make use of my time wisely. I believe wise men and women prepare for the coming days instead of waiting for the days to show up. This statement hits in two areas for me: forgiveness and productivity. Forgiveness allows me to untie my time from bitterness and resentment as God set my focus on love and redemption. When I waste time lamenting over things people said about me, opportunities can pop up that I waste because I focused on my own bitterness.

Each day should be looked at as an “opportunity” not just a regular day. When I vision each day, I decide how I will utilize that day as I am walking on the path toward my purpose. To be productive does not mean to be consume with “busy work”. Sometimes being busy is a cover-up of un-dealt pain. That pain can easily stifle the things we need to be doing instead of engaging in meaningless tasks. My purpose is important, and I must manage my time in a way that is align with that. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. It may be your last or it may bring an opportunity. Either way, you do not want to regret what you should have done or should not have done. Be wise with your time.

Wanted to share this small nuggets with you. This is an excerpt from Chapter 6: BE WISE from my book “BE” and if you’re interested in reading more of it….you can find my book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C3RKS54

Good day peeps!

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