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Work Your Hand (Cards of Life)

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I am in my early 30’s and realizing that life is actually “fair”. Life deals out both good and bad to everyone. We were never promised that our life will be without pain, but we also are not without the tools needed to navigate through it. God do amaze me when it comes to working things together. It does not matter what happened in our lives, He still knows how to turn into something beautiful. He is not intimidated by our setbacks and tragedies. He is not threatened by our successes and desire us to prosper. So why is it hard to see past the things that have been dealt to us in life? Are we really satisfied with the journey that has been assigned to us?

This is something that I have personally wrestled with because I tend to ignore the beauty that comes from my negative experiences. I overlook the lessons and wisdom because of the pain. I believe the issue comes down to our perspective. How do we see being raised in a broken home? Or how do we process a lay-off or financial trouble? My perspective does determine my progress. Now, you may be thinking “You do not know what I been through. I believe I am owed something for the pain I went through.” I cannot disagree with those statements. I do not know what you been through, but you are owed something…healing. I am not being sarcastic when I say that. God can restore our lives and redeem us from horrific and dreadful situations. It can be hard to get to that point if I do not go through the process of releasing the horror and the pain.

It is like an artist coming up with a new piece of artwork. Let’s say he does not have all the paint he needs to finish his project. Now, he could complain and quit the project, run to the store to get the paint, or work with what he has already to come up with a beautiful masterpiece. Let me relate those possible outcomes to life. We can complain about what went wrong in our lives, who did what, and how unfair things are until we are just floating through life with no purpose. Complaining and blaming do not produce results. Second, we can go after the materials we think we need to succeed at life. I do agree we need to educate ourselves in areas that we lack in and work through necessary steps to accomplish certain goals, but that does not mean using our limitations as excuses. Sometimes, we can be so focused on what we think we need and end up procrastinating on forward movement because we are waiting for a “come-up” or “helping hand”.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 7: Be the “Head”, You Are Redeemed in my book “BE”. If you are interested in reading more, check it out here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C3RKS54

As always, feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Good day overcomers!

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