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Wisdom to “Stay Out“

Looking back is not an option.

Have you ever been rescued or felt like you were spared from something horrible? Or have you ever had a time where you decided to walk away from someone or somewhere because the situation was going to turn detrimental in the future? I think it is more easier to get out then truly staying out. Why I say that? I can make a decision to walk away but fail to close the door and cut off everything connected to it. Confrontation brings wisdom. No one on this Earth planned to be in a bad relationship, in a toxic family setting, or pretty much anything that will kill off their dreams, desires, and who they really are. We have to be reminded of the reasons why we left someone, move on from a particular job, or even put an end to a bad habit. When we confront the pain from our past, we gain the wisdom we need to not walk back through that door.

Yes, people can change. Work/home environments can change. Change is possible in any situation, but if a person, place, or opportunity was not meant for me or my life from the start, then there is nothing left to do there. The only choice was to walk away. It does not matter how good the opportunity looks or how nice they seem to be now. Wisdom goes beyond the appearance and discerns the motive. (It does not allow you to fall for anything.) I am not meant to just date anyway. I am not meant to take just any opportunity. I am not suppose to be friends with just anyone that choose to come into my life. I am not meant to just live anywhere or be involved in just anything. Not everything is meant for me or you. That one statement should open our eyes up to why we should not go back to a past, (or engage in certain things that we shouldn’t in our present), that was meant to rob us of our future.

Looking back is not an option.

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