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Confronting the “Hard Things”

Hard things produce hard people….harden toward anything that is trying to pull them down.

Hard things produce “hard people”. – ShuCora Walker

So what does that statement mean to me? When you decide to face the hard things or make hard choices, it produces a hardness in you that makes you harden toward anything that is trying to pull you down. To face your rejection issues, anger problems, or even confronting the excuses to procrastinate on goals you desire to achieve……all of that takes true courage. It takes courage to proclaim that you are no longer blaming anyone or “guilt tripping” yourself for issues that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO END. The same way I begin a bad habit is the same way that I end it. Of course, some things are not easy to face but ask yourself this: Do I want to continue to be a slave to this forever? To be honest, that’s what our struggles/issues look like. We allow our slave masters (drugs, illicit sex, trauma, laziness [this hinders a lot more people than we know], past hurt, etc.) to control every aspect of our lives until there is nothing much left of us. There are too many drug overdoses, suicides, murders from abusive situations, and even a number of unfulfilled dreams carried to the grave due to the no confrontation. We already witness the ugliness of these situations in the lives of others so there is no valid reason to stay stuck in things that only lead to tragedy.

If you truly want to see change, change YOU. I know we heard this statement in some form many times before but we have take time to sit and really meditate on the message of those words. Real change comes with a real price. That price involves us sacrificing the comfortable (staying quiet about our pain) so we can embrace the uncomfortable (giving our pain a voice) that leads to freedom. Confront the hard things. Make the hard choices. Allow what you been through to make you harden to those things that want to pull you back down. FACE IT….

Hope this small piece encouraged you as you settle in for the night…unless you are a night owl like I use to be LOL! As always feel free to comment and see ya tomorrow!

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