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No More Explanations….

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I have a habit that needs to be seriously broken…….what is it???? The trap of explanations. Yes. Sometimes I felt like I had to explain why I made certain decisions in my life, and not fully grasp the real fact that “I did not owe anyone ANYTHING.” I’m not saying that in an arrogant way, but it’s a simple truth we tend to forget when it comes to moving on with our lives. In some cases, you have to explain why you did a certain thing, but I’m speaking more to conversations we have with people on why we chose to “do better”. Why did you leave that person? Why did you move there? Why you quit doing this? Why are you going after that goal? The questions seem to never stop, but I want to provide some heartfelt encouragement for you that may seem a little tough but necessary….NO MORE EXPLANATIONS!!!

Remember your WHY. I have a hunch here. When you start to make decisions that will contribute to your healing, financial ‘glow up’, forward progress, or basically your overall wellbeing, I believe that you are mainly being questioned by people that “secretly” want you to stay stuck or operate at the level of their expectations for your life. Some have not seen others achieve what you are about to achieve. Some people enjoy taking advantage of your brokenness and weaknesses, but cannot cope with you completely separating from those toxic situations and not looking back. Others may just be blind to your future and potential due to the reason that they may not be the ones to make that journey with you. When the questions come, remember your reasons why. You know why you decided to leave a dead relationship/friendship. You know why you stop partying at night and no longer hang out with those people that really meant you no good. You know why you decided to quit that job. You know why you started that business. You know WHY you decided one day that you deserve better and that you’re going to maximize every bit of potential you have.

Stop questioning ‘forward movement’. Over the years, I witness myself going through some 180 degree changes after I “break up” with certain things…….people, jobs, and places. I’m looking better and switching my focus onto other things, because I decided to make a decision to go forward. That one decision started a “makeover” of my life. This oftentimes happen in the realm of dating for some people. We witness their “glow up” after the departure from their exes, but oftentimes skip over the fact that whoever they were previously attach to was actually bringing them down and blocking their light. Some people were attach to toxicity, abuse, or just dealt with someone that was going in a completely direction than them. Also, the moment they decide to go forward, that’s when the past starts calling back. During that time, some of us question whether we made the right choice or not, but that’s the perfect time to examine where you are at right now in your life and take a good look at your growth. After your examination, realize that the past has nothing for you. You are moving in the right direction….do not question that.

Like always…feel free to comment and share your thoughts..(no judgement here!!)……Good day, peeps!

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