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Drop the Weight

In order to “let the past be the past”, we have to stop carrying it.

Lie #2: I can’t move on from the past.

When we think of the word weight, we oftentimes associate that with our actual body mass, but how many of us thought of this term in referenced to the “emotional mass” that we’re carrying internally. That can be unforgiveness, resentment, undealt trauma wounds, disappointment, or whatever is holding you back. In order to “let the past be the past”, we have to stop carrying it. For me, I can admit that I have a habit of replaying “old memories” in my head and even entertaining conversations of “old memories”, but not to relive the past. I was holding on to the past, because I felt it owed me something. But what can it give me now when it suppose to be behind me?

Forgiveness is the key to letting go. (I’m preaching to myself when I say this!) Now, that does not mean that reconciliation will take place, but it says to both the alleged offender and offense “That I will no longer be controlled by this situation or moment, and I release you from my heart, soul, and mind.” This do not translate as “being mean”, but it communicates the fact I’m choosing to not become bitter toward an imperfect human that is still growing and learning in life just like I am still learning and growing as the same imperfect human being. (Look at it as an “imperfect” situation that occurred as the result of an interaction between “two imperfect people“.)

To move on is to remove the weight. We can dissociate from a situation thinking it will go away, but the truth is that we do not want to acknowledge the pain. To be honest, the weight may not be a hurt but an “expectation”. Some of us feel the burden of pleasing the people around us, and that prevent us from stepping “outside the norm” in our lives. We feel we have to do things a certain way, or we cannot express our true feelings about this or that. Weights are heavy and they range in different sizes, but we have to be honest enough to admit that we desire relief. It could be said that we condition ourselves to think that life has to be hard ALL THE TIME. I am not saying that everyday will be “cotton candy and rainbows”, but you have the responsibility of managing your own life in a way that births real joy and peace from within that can withstand any type of day that you may have.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts…..hey I’m in this fight with ya! On that note, Happy Veterans Day to my soldiers out there! Your service is much appreciated and your sacrifice is admirable! Good day!

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