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Break the Vow with “Them”

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Let me first say that this is not one of those posts that is a rant about “cutting off people”, because the truth is that some people like the drama and toxicity, but this post is more for the ones that are ready to move forward from those negative thoughts along with coming to terms with the realization that not all company is “good company”. When letting go of a friendship or relationship that is honestly not good for your future or has implemented a bad influence over you, the thoughts in your head that kept you in those connections must go as well. That even includes the people we are holding on to in our minds and hearts from the past due to unforgiveness of them. (Forgiveness is freedom…remember that!) There is purpose behind “breaking off” and breaking up”, and it’s never for the sake of just doing it. Some of us had made vows to “being stuck”, “being abused”, “being mistreated”, “being toxic”, or “being lazy” due to them.

Them can mean more than just people, but negative thinking that is paralyzing any progress in your life. Maybe you noticed I talk more about letting go of the past, because I know how hard it gets when you try to move forward. It may seem that the past does not want to let you go, but you have to cut the cord. Fear, shame, procrastination, rejection, unforgiveness, and even the things we struggle with will still be in operation in our life this year as well unless we stamp that expiration date on them. I do not have to bow down and fulfill any vow I made to them, because those vows prove to be detrimental to my future. In those moments, loyalty is not an option. For years, I have been loyal to “rejection”, investing in relationships that do not value me, “negative thinking”, and past experiences, but now I need to say goodbye.

Break off the vows to death of your heart, soul, dreams, goals, vision, and future…..Make a covenant with moving forward into your prosperous future

If that have spoke to you in any way, feel free to share it with me in the comments….I’m cheering you on fam!

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