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When I think of Faith, “support” is one word that comes to mind. Reaching new goals, navigating new spaces, and even embracing new relationships all need a certain level of support to maintain those new territories. This also works the same way when leaving old things. Faith acts as a support when we are trying to embrace the “new” that needs to enter our life. That “new” can mean a number of things for each individual. The “new” could be finally forgiving the ex and releasing that person so the “ordained spouse” can walk into your life. The “new” could be abandoning the old habit of procrastination by setting up a schedule to finally finish school. Or the “new” could be simply operating within a new mindset instead of the old mentality of victimization.

It has become clearer to me now the role faith plays in accessing healing for painful areas. In order for me to receive healing from a past offense or wound, I must use faith to forgive the ones that caused it, (including myself), knowing that this weight will be dropped from me when I do. The vision that faith creates is “healing”, but without it, I create more bitterness and resentment because I cannot see beyond the pain and offense. In order for me to fully see, I must leave things behind me. I must leave behind my expectations of how I think my life should have gone, leave behind the negative thinking, leave behind destructive choices, and anything that is hindering my forward movement in life.

The beautiful thing about surrender is that it helps you to release. I release my way of doing things for a better way, in which it is probably the best way. I have spoken on this blog about my faith in God, because it truly does matter from where your faith is sourced. Some put their faith in money or fame, yet still hold on to baggage of unnecessary drama and pain. One of the things I envision on this year is a more whole, and healed life for myself as I learn to trust God completely while increasing my faith to leave it all. In order to access all that is behind my faith, I have to surrender all that’s in my hands for something better.

Learn to say goodbye to the old…

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Good day overcomers!

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