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Where’s Your Fight?

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We truly need to stop allowing “quitting to be an option”. In some cases, we do need to discipline ourselves in a way that we know when to put something down…. BUT…. This does not apply when approaching certain mindsets/struggles that are holding you back, because the longer we ignore those roots that are hindering our progress in life, the stronger those strongholds become. I wanted to post this piece of encouragement to you all, so this year can be prosperous for you in every area of your life. Your success is dependent on YOU. YOU have to decide when enough is enough. You will get tired of the same stuff. Tired of the drama. Tired of the negative thoughts. Tired of self-sabotage. Tired of being broke. When you truly get tired, you will do something.

I do understand when you feel like quitting at times. Back in 2019, I had that moment of quitting, and gave into a detrimental temptation that contributed even more broken pieces to my inner brokenness. During that time, I have gotten tired of “fighting”. I gave into my issues, because I thought that was what I needed in that moment…to quit. Then, my purpose within me started to talk back to me. “What will happen if you stay in that mess? You will not have the future you desire if you cling to that poison.” “Think about the people you are supposed to impact?” “You are a leader, not another man’s ‘good time girl’ ” These are the thoughts and questions that come when that fight starts to brew inside you. When you are reminded of the goals you want to achieve or even living the life you envisioned for yourself, you intentionally start to remove the barriers and cross over the obstacles that are standing in your way.

Where did you lose your fight? What happen to that drive and motivation? When you decided that “you are not worth fighting for”? Only you have the answers to those questions, but please keep this in mind: “We need the best of YOU.”

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Good day overcomers!

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