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Breaking Free

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So, I’m back! I’m aiming to better plan out my blog so I can become more efficient in bringing more content. So tonight, I wanted to share some late-night encouragement so your weekend can start on a great note!

This week, I had a revelation on “perfectionism”. Personally, I had some run-ins with the “perfection syndrome”. I have been hard on myself in some moments not realizing that I was living to a standard that I didn’t really have to strive to achieve. In a conversation with my son’s school counselor, she opened my eyes up to how hard people can be on themselves after making a mistake. It’s like we allow the mistakes to be dictators in our lives. I had to make a conscious decision on today that I was going to stop living for people’s expectations and lift the “perfection rules” off of myself. Now, that is easier said than done, BUT…it’s necessary. This is not all people’s fault. I have been trying to compensate for mistakes I have made in the past by “being perfect” not understanding how my mistakes made opportunities for me.

We have to choose to stop holding ourselves hostage for things we have done in the past. Even if you made a mistake today, there is a new day waiting for you to try again. Striving to keep up with false expectations, cultural ideologies, and unreachable standards can have us losing our mind, and not enjoying our lives. To break free from those unrealistic expectations of yourself is to know how to truly endure in life regardless of failure. Failure is not validation, but an opportunity for you to grow. It’s hard to be your authentic self when you are following after “what people think”, “what you did in the past”, or “what the ‘culture’ says”, because it determines what you go after. Some choose to sit still and allow those lies to replay in their head over and over. For me, I have to say…NO MORE.

I despise living a life “with limits” knowing that I possess the ability to live without them. I can pursue what I want. I can invest in my own talents. I can choose to turn away from things that will stunt my growth in life. When you are walking in real freedom, you utilize your right to go after your dreams and goals without fear. The first step is to release the thought that you need permission. ….BREAK FREE

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Good night!

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