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…Sometimes You Do Need Saving

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I understand that we all want to play “superhero” sometimes and show that we are so invincible and strong BUT….we are not superheroes. Although I enjoy watching Marvel and DC films from time to time, I have to remind myself that those movies are not my reality. I am a human being. We all have flaws, issues, aches, pains, experienced troubles, and all that stuff this is a part of living life on this Earth, but we are not alone. When you vent to people about things you are dealing with and it suddenly gets dismissed, you do start to feel like “the only one”, and settle for this position of “brokenness” in your life. I have been there, but the truth is that we do not have to struggle alone, and yes, WE DO NEED SAVING. We are oftentimes trick to believe that “self-help” is the only help. Yes, you do need to decide that you want to change, but you do need help for that change to stick.

I have wrestled with the spirit of rejection for a good majority of my life. I struggled with negative thinking, suicidal thoughts, self-hatred, and low levels of self-esteem. The truth was that I was not really dealing with the root of that. I was going on through life thinking those issues will go away, until God gave me this wonderful book to write. I have told y’all about my second book, BE, (which you can find on Amazon if interested), and how this book was challenging me to go from a “rejected mindset” to a “victorious one”. In my heart, I knew God wanted me to deal with it. He threw me out a lifeline letting me know that He sees me, and truthfully cares for me. He is willing to walk with me through this journey of discovery as He reveals the woman He created me to be.

Those rejection issues were about to drown me, and I truly needed saving. This is not a debate on whether you believe in God or not, because I do believe I have somewhat a mixture of readers with varying beliefs that visits this blog. I just want you to open your eyes to the possibility that you do not have to drown in the sea of despair. You do not have to do life alone. You also do not have to play the role of “superhuman”, when you have someone that does not mind being the superhero for you. We all need saving, but we have to decide on the Savior.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts…I do not mind chatting with you! Have a great weekend, gals and guys! See you next week!

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