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My Next Chapter: Letting Myself Go

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On my LinkedIn page, I posted an article that I written titled the “The Short Sell”. In this article, I was very transparent about how I experienced times where I “sold myself short”, meaning that I underestimated who I was just to be in a comfortable spot. I knew that I possessed various giftings and knowledge but did not show up that way to the world. Sometimes we allow inner struggles to become permanent players within our life’s choices. When we don’t deal with our doubts, fears, or even hang-ups, we tend to put ourselves in a captive position in which we become “stuck”. You can fool yourself into thinking that those fears and doubts are your identity. The reality is that you are acting out of “lies” about yourself, instead of the truth.

What is the truth? You can be free. I do not have to be bound by what people have said, done, or even the negative thoughts I choose to meditate on. I can allow myself to be free by letting go of the LIES. What lies are you believing about you? Are you still holding yourself accountable for past wrongs that you already asked God for forgiveness for? Are you intentionally trying to punish yourself because of your shame or past? In order for us to truly soar in life, we have to become free from the things that are holding us back. The truth is that we know what the things are. In this next chapter of my life, I am deciding to soar high.

I do not have to settle for “what has been”, when I can reach for “what can be”. I do not want to hold back my talents due to my fears. I work the gifts, and just DO IT.

I do not want to hold back my life due to some unresolved issues or unforgiveness. I deal with the issues and confront what’s holding me back.

I do not want to hold back the things that God wants to do through me and bless me with. I move forward and leave the past behind.

To be honest, I believe in prayer, but I also believe in action after that prayer. When you pray to God for Him to do this or that but choose not to move forward, it is like you are literally tying God’s hands, because He will not respond to a lack of faith. FREE YOURSELF. You are not your past. You are not what people say you are. You are not defined by your circumstances. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SETTLE IN LIFE.


As always feel free to leave a comment, and share your thoughts! Good day, overcomers!

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