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My Next Chapter: Forgiveness & Love

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Life is beautiful. I do not know how many times I will confess that, because now I am seeing the beauty that can come out of both good and bad situations. Faith is a wonderful gift because it gives you vision beyond what you see now. I am not the type of person to lie about pain. I do feel hurt behind the things that were said about me, and the way I was treated in certain situations. On the other hand, I do have guilt about things that I have done to people and to myself, but I see both parts as this cycle of hurt. Both sides are hurting, and were not always acting out of “love” because love does not produce pain….but covers it. I desire genuine peace in my life everyday that I wake up, not wrestle with the reminder of past offenses.

When it comes to accountability, let’s be reminded that it’s not about the other person….BUT YOU. I don’t have to wait for people in order to move on. Apologies are nice and may can ease the pain some, but its not absolute necessary to have in order to forgive the other. The beauty in forgiveness is knowing that there is more beyond the offense. I can have the marriage I desire, the businesses I dreamed of owning, and the healthy and whole relationships I’m looking for IF I decide to release what has hindered my vision of seeing those things come to pass. Love is not agreeing with everything a person do but learning to see them beyond what they do. I admit that I have done some things out of pain, and I needed people to forgive me as I learn how to grow through it.

 I had a misunderstanding of what true love was and how forgiveness interacted with it. Forgiveness is not “excusing” but a release of the wrong, and that does not mean reconciliation will be an option. Love does not teach me to force things, but re-focus my vision about the person. Love is patient, kind, not selfish, forgiving, truth……I can give you a list of wonderful attributes that contradicts what “we thought love should be”.  Love is not performance-based AND forgiveness is not based off performance. God has freely bestowed both love and forgiveness on each and every individual on this Earth, so this is not a treasure that we have found, or a product we have made…It’s God’s gift. So how us as human beings determine who can receive it or not when anyone can receive it freely????? My prayer for myself is to be a model of “God’s Love” and not become like what was done to me. There is nothing wrong with having emotions and feelings, but they do not make the choice on whether or not I forgive or walk in love…I choose to move forward in my life.

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is doing well on today, and if not, it will get better! So this week, I will be sharing some heartfelt moments about moving forward in forgiveness through some poetic expressions. There is nothing that we can do about the past. We can’t change people either, but we do not have to allow the “offense” to be a stumbling block in our lives. We must forgive just as we have been forgiven…BECAUSE WE ALL NEED IT.

So I barely mention other social media platforms that I am on, (that’s on me), so please feel free to check me out on other spaces…..if it’s not your taste, you don’t have to follow (we still cool LOL)…I’m trying to do better by my social media posting but still strive to be authentic no matter what…

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As always feel free to comment, and chat with you on tomorrow!

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