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Second Chances

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First, I want to say that I am soooo relaxed at the moment. At the beginning of this week, I took my first ever SOLO TRIP! Of course, not everyone is up to this type of traveling, but I enjoyed spending time with just me. I truly believe we need those me moments. We need times to reflect on where we are in life, and where we are heading to. I also used that time to talk to God, because life can get crazy, and I need Him to help me through my “overthinking”. I have been haunted by past decisions to the point that I was convincing myself that my present situation will never change because of what I did in the past. The sad part was that I was completely blinded to the second chances that were in front of me. I can genuinely say that I am not the same woman I was ten years ago. I am changing in my 30’s, and do not think the same way I did in my 20’s, but sometimes I allow those past years to dictate my present. Some of us wish we could change our past, but will it really change anything? Will that person still hate me if I left them after two weeks rather than two years? Will people still judge me if I chose to do better with my life than wasting time in some guy’s face that mean me no good? Will I still have to face financial trouble if I did not have a child although I was not discipline with my money in the beginning?

Some decisions I finally made were out of an act of obedience, because my “disobedience” is what caused the destructive aftermath. Some decisions were made to please people, while others were offended by my “good decisions”. Either way, I cannot go back in time, but move forward in the decisions I make today. The power of “choice” allows us to change directions in life. Whereas we were destructive at one point, we are thriving in the next. I asked those questions in the previous paragraph because sometimes we allow ourselves to become “Saviors”. We feel like everyone has to be alright with every decision we make….but that’s not our responsibility. My second chances involves me making the right decisions about friendships, relationships, and how I move within my life that will guarantee success for my son and I. I cannot waste my “second chances” based off what I did wrong in the past. I have to separate the wisdom from those events, and use that information to go forward.

Forgiving yourself is vital. Stop holding yourself hostage for past mistakes made out of ignorance, emotions, or even peer pressure. It’s a new day so smile again :).

As always feel free to leave your thoughts! Hey there is no shame or judgment here…Life has taught us all hard lessons, but the difference is how you bounce back! Until next week, enjoy the rest of your week!

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