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No More ‘Lazy’

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

How would your life be if you ACTUALLY TOOK YOURSELF SERIOUSLY? That question is not just for you, but for me too. I rarely take the time to really sit and wonder how my life could be if I put forth the necessary effort to maximize every bit of potential that was within me. This is not to say that I am not currently working hard in some areas or even trying, but I know that I can do my best instead of settling for just enough. There is a clear difference between those two phrases. Sometimes we do just enough in order to say, “I done something”, and cheat ourselves out of what we could have done. I believe we should strive to do the BEST with what is currently within our hands. This is not “being hard on yourself”, because to “be hard on yourself” is to overlook what you have and try to work in a way that is based off what someone else has….in other words, comparison. Whether you agree with me or not, everyone on this Earth has an opportunity to truly maximize their life, because we have been granted the freedom of a free will. We decide. We choose. The question I like to leave is…What would you do with THIS day you have been given?

I feel that this the kind of post that I need to think more on, because it is good to have your ‘excuses’ challenged lol. It feels more comfortable to blame a circumstance, society, or a person for why we can only go so far. We all have to be confident in exercising our free will to choose the right habits, lifestyle choices, and even thought patterns to maximize our individual life here on Earth. As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Good day overcomer!

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Hi..My name is ShuCora Walker. No, I am not the woman in the picture, but my words represent people like her. People who love good conversations. People who enjoy sharing their life stories. People who tell the truth to not only inspire but to heal, learn, and grow. I have been writing since my preteen years and found peace in letting my heart bleed out on the paper through my words. The focus of my writing has always been to share stories of triumph, struggles, and faith because God is the reason why I write. I remember at one point that I wanted to take my life, but God deemed it not to be because He still had a purpose for my life. Now, I am using my words to share my life journey so others can learn from it. Yes, one day I plan to open up this platform to other writers so we can continue to learn from different experiences of life. So, this is a space for anyone seeking to live a life of real freedom and enjoy some good moments along the way…


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