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Begin Again (All On the Table) | “BE” Book

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Good day to my peeps out there! On today, I am sharing an excerpt from Chapter 10 (Know God. Be Strong. Do Exploits. ) in my book “BE”. I am following the same tune I had on yesterday with the two poems I posted. I want to be able to share the “WHY” behind my faith in God. I understand that not everyone has the same beliefs as me, and that’s OK. I love sharing my story with people from different backgrounds and listening to others’ stories as well. Just like every human being, I have struggles. I have things that I can work on, and things that I can do even better, but that’s the beautiful thing about life. When it comes to navigating this life, I choose to strengthen my relationship with God because I desire to see Him as my friend not “a figment of my imagination”. This is a journey, and that meant surrendering my fears, doubts, and misconceptions about who God is. I had to jump in head first, and enjoy the ride……yes, it’s going to be worth it.

I believe in some instances we have train our minds to be comfortable with familiar settings and revoke anything that is “strange” to us or contrary to our upbringing. To embrace the unknown fearlessly in any situation do require a certain level of surrender. If I want to give my all to either a hobby, project, or even an online class, I must surrender my time, emotions of fear and doubt, and every excuse that I might use as a distraction to achieve what I am looking for when I took on that new task.

Relationships and friendships are more like a journey. You go through different stages along the way but the end goal is being connected to someone that you can elevate with. What influence that first step in engaging with someone new? I think it is more like taking a risk and that does not mean it is dangerous. It just simply means that you are going to abandon the “what-ifs” and jump right into it with what you have to offer, which is YOU. God desires that close connection with each and every one of us but those connections cannot be rooted in “what-ifs”. “What-ifs” usually leads you down the path to regret. This is not saying that you may not experience moments of doubt in your relationship with God or deal with temptations that may cause you to want to jump ship but when I completely give my ALL then I should expect His ALL.

God is not going to hide Himself from You or show up on some days and leave on others. He is in it for the long haul and we have to decide if we truly want to be in it for the long haul. The best way to start, (or start again) with God is putting everything on the table. That includes my doubts, fears, and even unknowns because remember I want to elevate in life and not stay stagnate. Honestly, you do not have to rush and try to consume the entire Bible in order to fellowship with Him. (Yes, reading God’s Word is vital but take your time to learn from it.)

Enjoy each day with Him and just be You. The more time you spend with Him, the more you will see yourself grow. When we are connected to the right people, places, and so on, growth is something that automatically happens because you are cultivated in a way that best serves your purpose and who you were made to be. I am realizing a little more each day that my relationship with God is not a complicated thing unless I make it like that. I still struggle with those moments of “perfection” instead of allowing God into my life the way it is. How do we know what to change if we never show the mistakes? How do I know if I am going in the right direction, if I never made a wrong turn?

My advice to you is to see God through a different lens. Do not see Him as a dictator that wants to shoot you down with lightning bolts or a big, great Being that do not care about your mundane issues. See Him as someone that is so in love with You that He want to fellowship with You to ensure that you win in life. That includes confronting issues He wants to deal with, taking even more risks to propel you into your future, and completely abandoning YOUR OLD SELF. No, this is not a complicated task but an adventure! As I am writing this to you, let us both make a commitment to know God and allow Him full access to our life. My new motto is “Life is not lived until life is lived in God”.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

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