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“To Feel” Or “TO BE”

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It’s good to take a pause and just breathe. Life can become really hectic, but you have to always remember to STOP, and check in with yourself. Sometimes we are not allowing ourselves to see the inner pain or pressure that is hidden within waiting to burst out at the wrong time in our lives. It is fairly easy to go through life “pretending” instead of “becoming”. We can pretend to be “happy” when we are truly sorrowful on the inside. We can pretend like we have everything together to the world, but instantly fall apart behind closed doors. We can pretend like we are all good around people that have hurt us, but secretly holding anger against them within our hearts. To truly be authentic is to go beyond the “emotions”, and to stand in your truth. To not hide from the real picture and discard the fake copy we have been showing off to the world and ourselves.

Fooling yourself is like catching amnesia about things that have happened to you, and/or you have done to yourself that you know in fact altered your life NOT for the better. It takes us humbling ourselves to accept that change is necessary in certain areas of our lives. Personally, I do not want to “feel happy”, and I want to be joyful. I do not want to “feel like I have forgiven”, but want to walk in that forgiveness, and BE forgiving toward others and myself. I can “feel confident”, but must become it when pursing the goals I set out for myself NOT abandoning them when I feel like it. Emotions are not bad to have, but they are terrible at leading. My feelings cannot lead me. My choices do. I know we are close to being halfway through the year, but there’s still an opportunity to do the necessary work to become the person you are aiming to be. Decide to Be healed. Decide to Be confident. Decide to Be prosperous.

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