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Being A Mother Fueled My Drive

Motherhood is beautiful

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and a perfect opportunity to share my joy of motherhood! Motherhood is both filled with ups and downs because raising kids is an ever-learning process, but it also reaps a certain type of joy. For me, it was the joy of witnessing my son’s growth due to certain decisions I have made in my own life. I’m not saying I have done everything right, but I did decide to make some decisions that will put my son in a better position in life. When you carry the responsibility of another life, you start to align your own life in a “selfless” way that will allow them to reap good things. The reason why I go to school, strive to improve within my career, and push myself to go beyond my fears of failure is because of my son. Yes, I aim to live a prosperous life, but I also am determined to be an example that others can follow including my own child. Regardless of what I have been through up to this point, my son needs to witness my recovery and redemption so he will not easily cower when life throws its best punches at him.

Yes, I am very aware of my position as a Black, single mother within this society. There are many stigmas and stereotypes attach to that position alone, but I do not have to prove anything to those around me. I aim to go higher due to my own personal convictions, and for the people that are truly counting on me to succeed so they can be inspired to do greater things. Yes, I had some obstacles to face along with my son seeing my frustration and tears. Regardless of my position, I still have no excuse, but I have many reasons why I must move forward and continue to push harder. Motherhood requires a certain level of maturity. That is not to say you must “grow up quickly”, but you must not refuse to grow. Being a mother is affording me to learn some hard lessons that are bringing out the best in me. For that I am grateful to God for carrying me through this journey and giving me the gift of motherhood.

To all the moms out there, enjoy your weekend!

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