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Me vs. Me

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I feel that there is a certain type of relief when you decide to do something for YOU. Not doing it to prove anything to anyone or doing it out of routine but acknowledging the fact that you must take ownership of YOUR OWN LIFE. With any type of accountability comes a level of examination. I must examine the situation so I can know what direction to take with it. That works the same with life. I am accountable for my life and must examine myself to make sure I am not doing anything to hinder my own life. Whether its examining thought patterns, habits, and even the company you keep, you must carefully pinpoint root issues so you can prosper successfully. On the other hand, you must be able to do the necessary things that will enhance YOUR LIFE.

The only person that I am looking at in the mirror is ME. Not anyone else. So, it wipes away the blame and guilt, and all I see is myself and what I desire to change. We are not in competition with other people. We are competing against ourselves. I am aiming daily to be better than I was yesterday in hopes of being the best ShuCora that I can be. It may be others that have the same name as I do, but there is only one me. So the question I have to ask myself is….What am I going to do with this ONE life that I have been given?

As always, feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Good day, overcomers!

4 responses to “Me vs. Me”

  1. Ohh, sorry… 😂 I will be pendent on your post. Doing something for You is hard when you have to analyze other people’s feelings, because before you prioritize others, leaving You behind.

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    1. Hey I understand what you are saying….One of the things I’m learning this year is to say the word “No” 😆 because if I’m out of energy, it will be hard to be there for others. So taking care of myself first so I can be able to help others out as needed…


  2. Me vs Me is the hardest thing to let go, you struggle with everything


    1. I had to reread your comment again because you hit on something I was going to talk about later in the week lol…thanks for reading!

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