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Making the Cut

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Truth: I do not like everything that I do.

That is not much of a truth bomb, but it’s a starting point to cutting away the things I do not like. “Being grown” is more than paying bills and having your own place but be willing to admit where you fall short. Not everything that comes into your life is meant to be long-term. That is referring to people, places, business moves, etc., but it’s up to you to discern whether or not those things are actually good for you. Not everything that looks good is good for me. Not everything that sounds good is good advice for me. One of the hardest challenges I had in my life, (still can be a struggle), is letting go of the things that have proven to be toxic to my soul, detrimental to my heart, and a constant heavy burden on my mind. I struggled with letting go because I felt a need to have those people, habits, and things in my life. To be honest, those needs were rooted in pain and confusion.

When you get tired of feeling drained or stagnant, you will soon find the courage to “get up and walk”. You will do what you need to do to cut ties. You will change your schedule. You will change what you eat, and even the type of entertainment you decide to consume. Growth is more dependent on what you can lose rather than keep. If something is stunting the growth, then that something must be cut.

Feel free to comment and spark up some convo! What changes are you making moving forward? Is it truly hard to let go of the ‘past’? Let’s finish this week out on a fresh note…

2 responses to “Making the Cut”

  1. Willpower truly is muscular. These efforts take an effortful practice, at first. It’s great you are from an experience in which you can communicate this so well.

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    1. Thank you for reading 😉

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