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To the Haters….Or Whatever (Short Poem)

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Today is not the day….future-locked

Time has not afforded me to stop

Why pay attention to an invisible plea..

From an individual with a destiny just like me

We all must choose to make something of life

Either look above the noise or entertain the strife….

-ShuCora Walker, ©2022

Good day, peeps! Starting off this week with the thought of staying focused. Summertime is approaching and I plan to focus on other pursuits that I have become complacent with in a way. It is easy to get distracted and focus on “others” instead of the purpose you have in front of you. I am not the biggest fan of people’s fascination with “so-called haters”. Each person on this earth has a responsibility to make the most out of their own life. People choose what they do with their time. Some waste it. Others use it. But it seems like only a handful do something meaningful with it because their focus is on their purpose not “what others are doing”. I challenge you to look above the noise and continue building.

2 responses to “To the Haters….Or Whatever (Short Poem)”

  1. Great post. The pull of norms seems often the pull from suitable passions, the purpose we’re more fulfilled by. The pull of money over risk. But we forget how small the risk is in the face of passion’s dedication. Just, some patience is required. A faith it’ll pay off. Life’s too short not to try.

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    1. Life is definitely short so yes we have to at-least try and take the risk…Thanks for reading!

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