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Woman vs. Woman #nomorecomparisons

Photo by Alex Green on Pexels.com

Let’s have a small girl talk, ladies. One thing that can easily still both your joy and peace for that day is comparison. Yes, we have seen this thing get ugly and even turn some women into “fame-seeking”, “shallow beauties”, and “money-hungry vultures”. It seems that society pumps this poison into our social circles with other women that evolves into this circle of “sabotage”. Yes, I heard women make statements such as “It’s hard to be friends with other women”, “Women are so competitive with each other”, “All women do is gossip”, or “I can’t trust beautiful women around my boyfriend/husband”. All of those statements reveal a lack of security, because if truth be told, a good majority of us base our womanhood off external things. We have to look the best. We have to have the “picture perfect relationship”. Our social media has to paint this picture of glamour or perfection. We have to always be the center of attention or have to outdo everyone in everything. BUT….What’s wrong with “being authentic”?

Ladies. I have no problem with you looking cute. I have no problem with you taking care of yourself. I definitely have no issue with you pursing your goals…..(go head girl!). I have a problem when comparison is introduced into the picture. You are unique. God is waiting to see what are we going to make of the life that He gave us individually. There is no need for comparison. There is no room for jealousy. Envy will not control me. When you start to focus on the giftings and the beautiful traits within you, you start to see others as a potential “compliment to your life” rather than “competition”. I say “potential” because I believe in finding people that “fit where you are going in life”. This does not mean that you have to be nasty or mistreat those that are not in close fellowship with you, but you recognize that some people will not walk with you in certain seasons of your life and you must peacefully move on. So…drop the hate. Ladies, we need each other.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Happy Friday!

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