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Some Things Do Come To An End.

I was thinking on last night about a potential move that I wanted to make. Ever since I left college, I moved around every couple of years due to job opportunities, and now I’m living in my fourth city but yet do not feel like I’m “at home”. Lately, I have been truly desiring to have that solid community to grow in, the feeling of fulfillment within my career, and opportunities to feed my sense of adventure. I can’t help also to think that maybe where I am in life, (not just physically speaking), is coming to a close. I had periods in my life when I tried to make things work. Eventually learned that I was forcing things that were not made for where I was going. Past attitudes, past habits, past friends, past relationships, past way of doing things, and anything dealing with the “old” has to go at this point in my life.

This is a confrontation that I believe everyone has to deal with when it to comes to growth and maturity. You have to decide that it’s time to say goodbye to certain things. I understand the roller coaster of emotions that comes with making certain life decisions, but I believe you have to make the decisions that are right for You. To be honest, I have made decisions out of fear of what people will say, and now, I want to make the right moves that will work for me and my son regardless of who will be upset with my choice. My mom always tell me that not everyone is thinking what you are thinking, and to be confident in the decision that YOU MAKE.

So when you recognize that a place, a relationship, a job, a mindset, or even the level you’re on in life has come to an end, gain the courage to move on. The longer we stay in a “dead place”, the farther we are from the life we were destined to live. Let’s take some risks.

Happy Sunday!

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