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Truth About Authenticity #chitchat

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

After my breakdown, authenticity yields a real blessing
When I reveal my ugliness, God clothe me in beauty
He is not afraid of the truth bomb that we tend to despise
He knows the words we say and the words we mean
Yet we still go through the motion and run back to routine
Because the truth about authenticity ……..
It challenges you to Change
” -Excerpt from poem “Truth About Authenticity”

What is authenticity? Is it the brands I wear? My social media account? Or the way I talk to people? Real authenticity is living in “real truth”. The game of “pretend” has an expiration date, and sadly some of us play the game until we encounter the “mental breakdown”. The truth is not always about the good things inside of us, but the bad things that need to be exposed that are hindering our progress in life. I know as women we play a lot of different roles in life, and sometimes we end up losing “who we are” in the midst of it all. We try to keep us this certain image on social media, while our real life is in shambles. We try to surround ourselves constantly with an entourage of people wherever we go but cannot find “one true friend” among them. We try to balance it all on our own, but inwardly, we want to crack open and reveal the stress. I fear that some of us are scared of the truth but fail to realize that the truth is the key to living free.

In writing this poem “Truth About Authenticity”, I started to grab hold to the thought that “I do not have to be fake”. When I mention the word “fake”, I define it as a person living two lives. You are one way among this crowd and another way among that crowd. You are pretending to be one way in person, but someone else behind closed doors. The answer is to just be real. Our womanhood is not about showing off to the world but becoming that woman that stands out in this world. To gain the healing, I need to be truthful about the pain. To gain the right spouse, I need to be truthful about my desires for the type of man I need. To gain the right friends, I need to be truthful about my expectations and boundaries. To gain the truth about certain things in my life, I must be open to it.

You are more than a pretty face. You are more than the dollar signs you make. You are more than comments and likes. You are more than the deep pain. The truth about authenticity is that it reveals YOU.

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