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Hello, My Name Is Free #chitchat

I took this picture last year to capture the feelings I had at that moment….REAL PEACE.

How does it feel to leave the Past behind? What type of person have you grown to be after you cut off the toxic friends/lovers? Do you plan to achieve more after letting go of the negative mindsets? Freedom is a beautiful space to live in, because you are no longer connecting yourself to “dead things”. “Moving on” is a blessing, and it may not seem like that in the beginning, but that peace will soon encompass you as you continue to move forward. This is a constant reminder that I have to give myself as I continue to move forward in my own life. I made the decision to “move on”. I made the decision to “stop”. I made the decision to “surrender”. When I surrender those wrong things, no matter what it was or who it was, I began a beautiful friendship with peace. So, if you are struggle with letting go and getting over the past, let me share some encouraging words with you.

Drop the dead weight. Do not regret the decision to break away. Ladies let’s be real. Romantic relationships seem to be a pitfall for many. We refuse to acknowledge the red flags, and oftentimes stay in the wrong relationship too long until a baby comes forth, abuse becomes life threatening, or we literally lose everything connected to us. We have to be honest with ourselves when it comes to the choices we make in life. If you know this is not good for you, DROP IT! Yes, feelings may get hurt, but it’s not worth sacrificing my peace over. The day you finally recognize that you are worth more is the day freedom can meet you. Do not feel bad for leaving a relationship that was not meant for you. Do not feel bad for moving away from a place that caused nothing but trouble for you. Do not feel bad for changing your lifestyle because you know clubbing every night and sleeping around with every guy that said “Hello” to you almost drained every bit of hope out of you. So, make the decision to “break away” from whatever is holding you back.

You are no longer the “old you”. Embrace the new. I cannot change a person’s opinion about me. If they are still referring to me based off my Past, then I have to respectfully let them “live there” as I respectfully move on. I understand that some of us women had some really crazy lifestyles back then, and you still haunted at the names they called you: “crazy baby mama”, “whore”, “nobody”, “no good”, “man-stealer”…and the list goes on. Although you have changed your ways and got back on the right track, there is still that “little voice” telling you that “You have not changed”. Do not fall for the lie. Do not go back to your “old ways” and lose everything that you worked hard for i.e. healing, restoration, good opportunities, business, etc. When I finally got serious about my life and surrendered my heart to Jesus Christ, that day became my freedom from the Past and EVERYTHING & EVERYONE that was connected to it. My job now is to maintain that freedom by not looking back.

When the past starts calling, remind that thing that you changed your name. Your new name is FREE.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Good day!

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